5 star rating
Women of the Otherworld, Book #6
By Kelley Armstrong
ISBN# 9780553588187
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broken-women-of-the-otherworld-kelley-armstrongAfter discussing it for the past three years, Clay and Elena have finally decided to take the plunge into parenthood.  Elena is now pregnant progressing faster than she expected and Clay and Jeremy are being the overprotective gate keepers, leaving Elena feeling trapped and bored at Stonehaven.  So when she’s offered a job that takes her away from home, she jumps at the chance.  And, with the simplicity of the job even Clay and Jeremy can’t object.

The three of them head to Toronto to steal the historic Jack the Ripper ‘From Hell’ letter.  But none of them expect the complications they encounter.  A simple event opens a dimensional portal that releases zombies and maybe even Jack the Ripper himself onto the streets of Toronto!  And, they are hunting one person; Elena!  Will the Pack have what it takes to protect her and the first full-blooded werewolf pup?

I have been waiting for a long time to get to this book in the series.  I’ve been reading through the Paige books and the Eve one as well, biding my time to get back to what made me fall in love with this series; the werewolves, and Clay and Elena specifically!

And, what can I say?  I loved this book!  Elena and Clay were great, even if they couldn’t have the steamy scenes we’re used to.  They still had their sweet moments and the love was definitely evident between the two.  I absolutely loved seeing Clay’s protective daddy side!  He was adorable when he got the news Tolliver shared with them!  My only complaint is that I would have liked to have ‘seen’ the part where they discovered Elena was pregnant and gotten to witness both Elena and definitely Clay’s reactions.  But regardless the book was still good and I loved the emotion throughout.

I also found the case in this one to be an entertaining one.  Something about when a book brings up serial killers of the past always piques my interest.  The zombies were a nice added touch as well.  I did figure out who was controlling them before it was revealed in the book, but it didn’t keep the story from being interesting.

I really enjoyed this installment of the series and I’m anxious for Jamie’s book as I’m sure we’ll finally get to see her and Jeremy hook up!  I can’t wait!