3 Star rating
The Cavanaugh Brothers, Book #2
By Laura Wright
ISBN# 9780451464996
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broken-laura-wrightEverybody at the Triple C ranch is preparing for Deacon and Mac’s upcoming nuptials.  Sheridan is working from the main house at Deacon’s nearby Redemption Ranch overseeing construction.  The numbers just aren’t coming out right and she has had words with the contractor, Caleb Palmer, who is obviously trying to scam them!

Sheridan prides herself on her work ethic and professionalism, but her boss’s brother, James, lights her fire in every way that he shouldn’t!  She tries to ignore her crush on him so that it won’t interfere with her job.  But there are some things that you just can’t resist!

James has noticed his brother’s hot little assistant and would love to stake his claim on her, but he fears that she’ll only get hurt if they get involved.  Every woman he’s ever loved has gotten hurt as a result of his failure to protect them.  It’s best to keep his distance.  But when Sheridan is attacked, his protective instincts kick in and there is no turning back!

I found this book had an incredibly slow start.  The first 100 pages are so were pretty dull as Sheridan and James try to fight their attraction for one another.  But after that the book picks up and is a pretty good read.

James is probably my least favorite of the Cavanaugh gang, but he is still a decent guy.  One plagued with the women he’s lost: his sister, mom, and his ex-fiancé.  He’s scared to get involved with anybody else, as he can’t bear to lose another person he loves.

Sheridan was schooled by a scorned mother to never give her heart to a man.  It appears these two have the same hurdles to overcome.

I did enjoy watching Mac and Sheridan’s friendship develop, although I wonder if it would have happened so quickly if Mac hadn’t had a wedding to throw together!

We make a little progress in Cass’s case in this book, but not much!!  They all harass the town veterinarian for answers she refuses to give.  I think it’s pretty clear that she will be Cole’s love interest!  He is my favorite brother (besides Blue) and I can’t wait to read his story!!

Despite the slow start to this book, it was still a good read, and I’m anxious to read the next in the series!

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