Bring the Heat

Sugarland Blue, Book #5

By Jo Davis

ISBN# 9780451476999

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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

bring-the-heat-jo-davisCaptain Austin Rainey’s marriage has gone south, he doesn’t even live with his wife, Ashley, anymore.  But she is carrying his child, the baby she didn’t even want, but was more than happy to fight him for custody on just to stick it to him.  The son that Austin has waited so long is so close to being here, just four more weeks!

But all of Austin’s dreams come crashing down around him when someone attacks Ashley in the home they used to share and strangles her, with one of his own belts no less, ending both Ashley and their unborn son’s life.  And, worse than anything, they were killed because of him and he wasn’t there to protect them.

Austin has a stalker bent on revenge, killing people that resemble him, or even just come in contact with him in passing.  If only Austin could figure out who it is!!  He’s been scouring his case files for those that he’s put in jail that may have a vendetta against him, but nothing is standing out to him.

And, as all of this is going on, after months of admiring each other from afar, Austin and the beautiful medical examiner, Laura Eden, are finally starting to give in to their feelings for one another.  But can they risk a relationship when there is a madman out there bent on revenge?

I enjoyed this storyline.  I enjoyed Austin and Laura and thought they were really good together.  Although I found this book to be a bit predictable.  I knew who the killer was early on, even though they tried to throw me off the scent a few times.  I’d mull the new information over, but always came back to my original thought, and it did end up being the culprit.  Even the events that happened between Austin and Laura were easy to predict.  And the sheer amount of sex scenes made the book really repetitious and made it drag at times.

I still think it’s a good book, but with a little tweaking, I think it could have been even better!  I do look forward to seeing more from this couple in the future.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*