Bring Her Home

By David Bell

ISBN# 9781524721534

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It’s been a year since Bill’s wife died in a tragic accident at home, and now he’s living his worst nightmare.  His daughter, Summer, and her best friend, Haley, had gone missing.  The girls were found days later in the park, beaten so badly their own families couldn’t recognize them.  Summer is in a coma and Haley was dead when they found her.  Bill knows they have a long road ahead of them with all that Summer’s recovery will entail.  Summer may never be the same again, but Bill knows he’s the lucky one considering that Haley’s family is about to bury their daughter.

However, as time passes questions come to light and they discover the girl in that hospital bed isn’t Summer, but Haley!  They have Summer’s body exhumed to be buried next to her mother and so that their family can say goodbye to her properly only to discover that it’s not Summer!  One girl dead, and another severely injured, but neither are Bill’s daughter.  That leaves them with many questions …. Where is Summer?  Is she alive or dead?  Who is the girl found dead in the park? And lastly, who hurt these girls and why?

Summer was all Bill had left and he won’t rest until he uncovers the truth, even if that truth may kill him, in the end.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it!  The storyline was intriguing and had enough twists to keep you guessing!  Although I did figure out, who was responsible for Summer’s disappearance!  But I didn’t have all the answers figured out and there was plenty of mystery to solve!

I did enjoy the book as I have already stated, but about halfway through the novel, I found it starting to drag a bit.  I thought maybe the author had twisted the plot one too many times and the book became too easy to put down.  Don’t give up on it though, I kept reading and was glad that I did!  Besides you can’t leave the mystery unsolved no matter how much you think you know!

I found the characters in this story to be engaging and there are plenty suspects to consider, some of which seemed a little too obvious to be the guilty ones!  I found the police detective to be way more patient and accommodating to Bill than any real cop would be, as he kept making mess after mess of his investigation!  Bill is lucky he didn’t land himself in jail during his hunt for the truth, especially with that temper of his!

This was a really enjoyable read especially for mystery lovers and any parent can relate to the horrors held within these pages.  With all that said, I’d happily read more from this author!

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