Brighter Than the Sun

KGI, Book #11

By Maya Banks

ISBN# 9780425277003

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Rusty Kelly’s friend is in trouble.  Zoe found out that her boyfriend was using her to get to her crime boss father.  Sebastian thought that her dad would meet his demands when the life of his only child hung in the balance.  Unfortunately, he didn’t know how little he cared for her.  Zoe overheard Sebastian saying he was going to kill her now that his plan backfired, so she had no choice, but to flee.  She went to her only friend, Rusty, for help.  Rusty helped Zoe create a new identity and took her home to the Kelly compound to keep her safe.  She hates lying to her family, but she won’t betray her friend either.

Joe Kelly is the “last man standing”, the only brother that hasn’t tied himself to a woman.  He enjoys his bachelor status and has no plans to change it.  But even he recognizes there is something about Zoe that draws him to her.  She’s beautiful and sweet, but the fear he sees in her eyes gets his blood boiling.  He would love nothing more than to painfully take out the person that put it there.  But first he must gain her trust so he can find out who she’s running from.  However, he just may run out of time before her past catches up to her.

I’ve really enjoyed the twins and was excited to read Joe’s book.  It didn’t disappoint.  It was a bit dull in the beginning when Zoe was first being indoctrinated into the Kelly clan.  The book picked up once Joe started to make his interest clear!  Unfortunately, she is one of the weaker women from this series.  She has no value of self-worth and no self-esteem.  I can understand why, but for a group that prides themselves on strong women, she just doesn’t fit the bill.  Although most of the women, were pretty weak when you look back on how they were when they were rescued. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I did have issues with this book, mainly just things I found unrealistic.  For instance, Zoe is running from her ex and is always looking over her shoulder and has no interest in men.   Why then, does she agree to go out alone with Joe for him to show her around?  I’d think she’d at least take Rusty along with her.  And, she completely freaked out when Joe kissed her and the very next day they’re having sex!?!  It just doesn’t jibe for me.

However, this book had a sweet ending … well for Zoe and Joe anyway.  It also built up to Rusty’s book, which I have to assume is coming soon! At least, I hope so! Part of me wants her to find someone else to be with to make Sean have to work that much harder to fix what he’s done.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next installment!

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