Chapters 14-18

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Short Summary/Mini Description:

Bella instantly begins to recover as she consumes cups of human blood Carlisle had gotten from the hospital. Jacob, Seth, and Leah are still determined to remain by the Cullens side to protect them and fight against Sam and the Pack if necessary. Sam sends Colin and Jared along with Quil and Paul to speak to Jacob. Sam wants Jacob, Leah, and Seth to go back to the Pack. He will refrain from attacking Bella until the baby is born then they can decide what will happen. But Jacob doesn’t agree to go back; he doesn’t believe the Cullens are the enemy and doesn’t think Sam is right in attacking them. Meanwhile, Jacob is stuck hanging around the Cullens house a lot since he can keep Bella warm and they don’t know when Sam will attack. The baby is growing at a rapid pace and Edward believes she will only have four more days before the baby will be broken. Since it’s getting stronger it’s been breaking Bella’s bones from the inside but something even more strange happens, Edward is able to hear the baby’s thoughts from inside Bella’s stomach! The baby loves and adores Bella and is growing at such a rapid rate that it can actually understand Bella and Edward. Edward is now falling in love with the baby. He knows the only way to keep both Bella and the baby alive is to turn Bella into a vampire but he will need Jacob’s permission to do so; if Jacob doesn’t agree than the treaty is broken and a war between the wolves will break out. Since Jacob is the rightful heir to Ephraim’s pack he is the real Alpha and can make the decision. Jacob agrees because even though he hates the idea of Bella being a vampire, he hates the idea of her dying even more.

Carlise, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper head off to hunt but just as they are due back to return, Bella’s state takes a turn for the worse. The baby is ready to be born and is destroying Bella from the inside. Bella’s spine gets broken and Edward makes the instant decision to rip Bella’s stomach open to get the baby out. The baby is a girl and Bella name’s her Renesmee. But Bella cannot enjoy the birth for long because once the baby is born, her heart stops. Jacob frantically applies CPR while Edward injects his venom into Bella’s heart. But Bella doesn’t move, her heartbeat doesn’t return and Jacob thinks she’s finally gone but Edward refuses to give up and tells Jacob to leave and continues doing CPR.

Favorite Scene:

When Jacob throws a plate of food at Rosalie’s head and makes fun of her for getting mad about getting food in her hair.

Least Favorite Scene:

The birth of the baby. Quite disgusting and traumatizing.

Favorite Quote:

“Thanks, anyway, Alice, but I don’t think I’d want to eat something Blondie’s spit in. I’d bet my system wouldn’t take too kindly to venom.” ~Jacob (talking about Rosalie getting him a plate of food)

Discussion Questions:

1)   If you were Jacob and had the power as the Alpha, would you agree to break the treaty with the Cullens or would you uphold it?
2)   When you read the birthing scene, what did you think about it? Too much gore or were you not bothered by it?
3)   If you had the power to hear someone’s thoughts, would you actually use it? Or would you find a way to control it to keep people’s thoughts out?

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