Chapters 16-18

By OBS Staff Member Caro


For the first time Leah and Jacob had a ‘normal’ talk. She thanked him for letting her stay, that he was a good Alpha and how she would like to go with him once this was over without getting in his way. Leah also tells Jacob how she somehow understands Rosalie and her feeling towards the baby. Her fears, for also not knowing if she could have babies.

Jacob went back to the Cullens house only to find out that the baby had hurt Bella again and this time it had been her pelvis. After the Cullens, except for Rosalie and Edward, had left to go hunt, Edward shocked everyone by letting them know that he could hear the baby’s thoughts and that he/she was happy to hear its parent’s voices. Bella had even secretly named the baby EJ if it was a boy or Renesmee is if was a girl.

Jacob became furious knowing that he had lost to Edward and was now alone hating the fetus. To calm him down, Edward threw a set of keys, the keys to the Aston Martin Vanquish. He drove nonstop until he reached a park full of kids and families. There he tried to look into the faces of all those girls, to try and find something with no success.

While Jacob was out, Leah went bursting into the house wanting to know what had happened to him. She used that moment to let Bella know how much she hurt Jacob.

Edward tells Jacob about how much the baby understands and that it doesn’t want to hurt Bella, so as soon as Carlisle returns, there plan will be to deliver the baby, since it has grown too much for Bella to handle. For this Edward asks for Jacob’s permission to change Bella.

As Bella was on her way to the bathroom, a cup full of blood fell and spilled over the couch. When she tried to reach it, a sudden crack was heard making Bella fall in pain and screams. The baby started to move inside Bella breaking her bones. Edward and Rosalie took her upstairs to try and get the baby out, who was suffocating.

When Rosalie cut into Bella’s flesh, the blood flooded, making her lose her control. Jacob and Alice got her out of the room letting Edward pull the baby out. He handed Bella her little Renesmee, who immediately bit her. Edward took the baby away and started injecting the venom into Bella’s body.

Jacob left the room and went downstairs where he found Rosalie feeding the baby. He felt the pull taking him close to where they were. He thought of his revenge and killing the baby, but once Rosalie lifted Renesmee up, everything changed for him. She became his center.

Favorite Scene:

Leah telling Jacob how she understands Rosalie. It must be hard for all of Stephenie Meyer’s characters to get spotlights, and this was a good way to know more about Leah and how in her own words, she wasn’t always a ‘compassionless shrew’.

This could be by far my favorite scene of the whole book. Edward hearing the baby’s thoughts and putting his hands on Bella’s stomach.

Favorite Quotes:
“Of course. But none of that applies to me. I was on my way out, anyway. I’ll get a job somewhere away from La Push. Maybe take some courses at a community college. Get into yoga and meditation to work on my temper issues.… And stay a part of this pack for the sake of my mental well-being. Jacob—you can see how that makes sense, right? I won’t bother you, you won’t bother me, everyone is happy.” –Leah

“That blond vampire you hate so much—I totally get her perspective.” –Leah

“Of course you’re happy, pretty baby, of course you are. How could you not be, all safe and warm and loved? I love you so much, little EJ, of course you’re happy.” –Bella

“R-e-n-e-s-m-e-e. Too weird?” –Bella

“He loves you. He absolutely adores you.” –Edward

“Fine! It made me feel hollow. Go ahead. Save her. As Ephraim’s heir, you have my permission, my word, that this will not violate the treaty. The others will just have to blame me. You were right—they can’t deny that it’s my right to agree to this.” –Jacob

“Take the baby.”
“Throw it out the window.” –Edward & Jacob

Discussion Questions:
What do you think about Leah being able to understand how Rosalie felt?

When Edward started hearing things, whose mind did you think he was hearing?

What do you think of Stephenie Meyer letting the readers see a different POV through Jacob’s eyes instead of Bella’s?

What was your favorite part from these chapters?

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