By Ruth Longoria Kingsland at The Journal Star

Sconduto, who has been teaching for 20 years, the last six years at Bradley, is the author of “Metamorphoses of the Werewolf: A Literary Study from Antiquity through the Renaissance.” This, her second book, is a unique look at the time line transformation of the werewolf and how it coincides with the religious and cultural changes of mankind through time.


In literature, the characteristics of werewolves changed through the years, based on the perceptions and beliefs of the ages, Sconduto said.

Although she’s somewhat of a connoisseur of the flesh-eating wolf-men, Sconduto’s infatuation with werewolves is primarily with the werewolf of the 12th century, who is remarkably like the Oz character, and that of some other tragic victim werewolves, such as the one portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the 1994 film, Wolf.

“There’s a werewolf for everyone. Each to its own. One to suit each taste.”

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I know a lot more about the evolution of vampires than I do about werewolves. Of course, until very recently (like since I’ve read Twilight) werewolves were still monsters to me. I just never made the leap as seeing them differently like I did with vampires, so I really enjoyed this article.

Do you still view werewolves as bad or has your view changed recently? What book or movie was your initial experience with werewolves?