Bound by Flames

Night Prince, Book #3

By Jeaniene Frost

ISBN# 9780062076083

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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

Bound-by-Flames-coverVlad and Leila missed out on destroying Vlad’s sworn enemy, Szilagyi, in the last book, but they are still hot on his trail.  Vlad has been overprotective of Leila knowing that he wouldn’t survive losing her.  But when he leaves her home to keep her safe, the castle is attacked and Leila is taken hostage by none other than Szilagyi himself, who knows how to make her capture as painful as possible for Vlad, in hopes it will push him to do something careless.

Vlad reaches out to Cat for help in getting Leila back, much to Bones’s displeasure!  But Szilagyi has found a way to booby trap Leila’s abilities and now she is a threat to herself.  Vlad can’t leave her alone for a second or he could lose  her for good!  It leaves them hunting down the necromancer that did this to her so they can end it.  But what they eventually discover about the spell will change their plans drastically.

Jeaniene Frost has done it again!  This is her writing at its best and I could not put this book down!  I loved it and it earned a strong five star rating from me!

I think we all expected Szilagyi to get his hands on Leila, but not so much Maximus’s betrayal … or proof of his loyalty?  I was so mad at what he appeared to have done as a way to get Leila for his own, but I’m glad that he did prove himself, even if Vlad couldn’t follow through with his promise.  Hopefully he will be able to reward him even more so in the next book.

The things that happened during Leila’s capture shaped the rest of the story and the hunt for Szilagyi got kicked into an even higher gear as it’s the only way Vlad can protect his beloved wife.  For her, Vlad would risk it all, even his own life.

I loved seeing Vlad’s protective side, even if he comes off a little harsh to some.

“You’re unnerved by me, so you wish I’d leave the two of you alone to talk?” Vlad snorted. “Your personal discomfort means nothing to me, Hugh … wait, that’s not true. I enjoy it.” 

Let’s face it, Leila’s dad totally deserved it and I, for one, am glad that Vlad finally intervened!

There was a ton of action in this book, but there were also several sweet moments as well.  My personal favorite being the ending of the book and Vlad’s big revelation!

It was also great seeing Mencheres again as well as the brief scenes of Cat and Bones!

I think this book has something for everyone and I can’t wait for the next installment, I’m just sad to see that it will be the conclusion of the series.  I’m holding out hope for another spin-off series … we have yet to see Ian’s happily ever after all … and what a series he would make!




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