BOOKS NEWS DEC. 10TH: FIGMENT.COM picks up where Facebook leaves off Out: Banging out manuscripts on a typewriter, dispatching them to the all-mighty publisher, and then waiting on pins and needles to see if you’ve won the literary lottery.

In: Tapping out a short story on your cell phone/PDA/laptop, posting it online, swapping feedback, tips, and “fave” books with a virtual community of aspiring writers and literati-in-training. And oh yeah, maybe you’ll be discovered by a publishing agent.

That’s what hopes to be, “a sort of literary Facebook for the teenage set.”

Inspired by the success of the very young, hip cell phone novel (fiction composed on mobile devices), is the invention of two prominent editors hoping to create a “social network for young-adult fiction.”

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With the huge success that Twilight has had teens, tweens and older ones have gotten so much inspiration to write fin general, and it’s good that someone is now encouraging  them to write even more and have  a place where they can get feedback and help. I might have to check out 🙂

What do you think of this?