Today we bring you several book reviews were to choose from, to start the month with a good read. We have more fairies, clans of scientists and superbeings. Check them out and tell OBS what you think!
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“Fond of a fairytale? Try John Connolly’s The Book of Lost Things” By day I am a hard-nosed journalist, trotting the streets of Liverpool to sniff out the news the people in this city demand to read.

By night I am a 6ft chicken  – frightened of horror films, the dark, roller coasters, sky diving, spiders and generally all things not wrapped in cotton wool.

In short, over cautious about fairly mundane things.

For that I am happy to blame my childhood. Or more, specifically, my childhood reading…

So it was with some trepidation I turned to The Book of Lost Things – a story about a young boy sucked into a fairytale world following the death of his mother.

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I remember all those stories. Trolls have my respect, too many scary stories from them, lol. But fairies I like more, don’t care if they are scary or beautiful the magic that surrounds them is really amazing! What stories scared you when child?

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“Boneshaker: Cherie Priest’s swashbuckling steampunk Seattle story” Cherie Priest’s zombie steampunk mad-science dungeon crawl family adventure novel Boneshaker is everything you’d want in such a volume and much more.

Boneshaker is the story of the Wilkes/Blue family, a storied Seattle clan whose three generations unmade and remade the city through a series of scientific and martial adventures that are recounted with great relish and verve. First, there’s Leviticus Blue, an arrogant mad scientist who developed a great tunnelling machine (part of a Russian-sponsored competition to improve Alaskan gold-mining) and undermined the city of Seattle, releasing the Blight, a poisonous gas that causes the dead to rise, and to hunger for the flesh of the living.

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This is a really intersting book! Zombies, bravery and mercy to help those who once did bad, a family trying to find each other, a world in chaos. What do you think? Could this book go on your list to read?

“Fantasy Novelist Wendy Raven McNair Debuts Her New African American Tale ASLEEP at Borders” Fantasy novelist Wendy Raven McNair’s Borders book signing is significant due to the limited availability of fantasy stories portraying African Americans as the main characters. McNair’s new novel, ASLEEP, is a suspenseful tale of super beings which chronicles the experiences of an engaging group of teens.

“I was inspired to write ASLEEP when I couldn’t find fantasy novels for my teen, containing main characters who reflect her, an African American natural girl. As readers, we purchase a variety of genres, including books like Harry Potter and Twilight, and I found the lack of diversity frustrating. This inspired me to write a story, celebrating diversity, which can be enjoyed by the whole family, teens as well as adults.” – McNair

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I am all for superbeings, this is a genre that I really like. And I think it’s really great to see a story from a point of view of a different culture, you always learn new things! 🙂 What do you think of Asleep? Are superbeings your thing?