Linden’s home and safety have been compromised. Her Queen can no longer keep her safe and her Foster mother is powerless to help. So what can she do?

She must rely on Timothy, a teen-aged boy who has been suspended from school for fighting, to guide her through the dangerous streets of London and help her to find someone to restore magic to her tribe.

Timothy is the son of Christian Missionaries who are living in Uganda. He has been sent back to London to attend school, but he misses his family. His cousin and his cousin’s wife are the only family he has nearby, so when he’s suspended he must stay with them. While there he discovers the secret of the Oak in the yard. It is home to Linden and her tribe of Faeries.

Together Timothy and Linden face challenges, fears, and enemies that attempt to stop them from achieving their goal. Whether it’s talent stealing “evil” faeries or self-righteous “good” faeries They must learn to trust each other and strangers in order to save Linden’s home and family.

Throughout the story, Christian symbolism is present either in obvious form such as seeking refuge in a church and being taken home by the preacher and his wife or in subtle ways such as the plight of the two travelers that must pass a test of honor in order to be safe from pursuit.

We have many opportunities to witness selfless acts of kindness, decisions based on faith, and the battle of good versus evil. However in this story you see that in some situations neither good nor evil wins, rather there is a delicate dance in which one can not exist without the other and both must be present to appreciate and understand the other.

This book was written to be read by any age for enjoyment, but there is enough inspiration to speak to those that need an uplifting message that lies between the lines.