As a child, Toni Fraser has chillingly accurate dreams of murders about to be committed, a psychic gift she suppresses. Years later, Toni and five friends follow a real-life dream: they procure a ruined Scottish castle and turn it into a tourist attraction, highlighted by a faux historical show Toni scripts about a murderously passionate Cromwellian-period laird, Bruce MacNiall. Of course, the laird is fictional, as is Toni’s terrifying tale of his wife’s strangling. Or so it seems—until an angry kilted hunk thunders onstage one night atop a black stallion, claiming to be the castle’s absentee owner, Bruce MacNiall. Ghost? Not likely. But when several missing girls are found strangled to death in the surrounding forest, it certainly appears that some murderous spirit is very much alive.


After reading this book I absolutely loved it. I thought it was the best Heather Graham book that I had read so far, but now that I’ve had a day or two think it over, I’m not sure that it was as good as I first thought. Oh but don’t make that line seem like I didn’t like it, because I do still think it is my favorite. I just think it may have some flaws. Which what book doesn’t?

You get really drawn in at the beginning of the book, This little girl is ‘dreaming’ of horrible gruesome deaths and they turn out to be real events happening. So it leaves you thinking that your going to be reading all about these crazy premonitions, to bad it’s lacking them. I’m mean through out the book you get some, but they just weren’t what I expected. Towards the end they got pretty good, but they felt more like flash backs.

I loved the initial plot though, these group of friends buying a castle in Scotland. And running ghost tours, that they made up but turn out to be real. Being in Scotland made it fun, I loved the accents used with the different characters, it made it very funny to read. But not only where the accents fun to read, the book it self had some very funny lines, a few times I was in tears from laughing so hard.

I did suspect who the serial killer was from the beginning, although my mind did bounce back and forth between a few people. I always knew that this man had something off about him. What I didn’t like is the reason for his killing. I guess someone doesn’t really have to have a reason to kill, but when the killer revealed why he was killing, I was just like WHAT?! that’s it. That is hardly a reason to kill people. I think that could have been worked out better.

Over all I still think this was a very good read. I will probably read it again one day.