Archangel’s Kiss
Guild Hunter #2
By Nalini Singh

Review brought to you by OBS staffer Deanne

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux wakes from a year-long coma to find herself changed—an angel with wings the colors of midnight and dawn—but her fragile body needs time to heal before she can take flight. Her lover, the stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, is used to being in control—even when it comes to the woman he considers his own. But Elena has never done well with authority…
They’ve barely begun to understand each other when Raphael receives an invitation to a ball from the archangel Lijuan. To refuse would be a sign of fatal weakness, so Raphael must ready Elena for the flight to Beijing—and to the nightmare that awaits them there. Ancient and without conscience, Lijuan holds a power that lies with the dead. And she has organized the most perfect and most vicious of welcomes for Elena…  source


Captivated! That was what this book did to me. I loved it. I have no idea where this author has been hiding or why it has taken me so long to find her, but thank God I did.

This is the second installment in the Guild Hunter series, and the book starts off with a bang. The head strong, smart, tough as nails Elena has awoken form her year long coma to find that when she fell to her death in Raphael’s arms not only did she not die but she is now an angel. Elena has to work to keep herself alive and learn the ways of her new life as an angel as well as figure out who is killing the other angels while trying to prepare for the Ball in her honor. Raphael knows that Elena must build her strength, and learn the ways of the angels before the ball because her life is on the line.
In the mist of all this action, Elena and Raphael are still trying to figure out their way around each other. Their relationship is one full of learning curves, that will leave you breathless.