Desires of the Dead
Kimberly Derting

Review brought to you be OBS staff member Angie

I read this book in two sittings, and that was only because I started reading it after work and had to put it down to go to bed. If I’d started on a Saturday morning it would have been a total read through. I literally did not want to put this book down. I’ve been reading so much vampire fiction lately that this was a wonderful refreshing break. The characters are high school students but it really doesn’t feel like a YA book.

The main character of the story, Violet, can “hear” the dead calling to her. People or animals that died violently before their time call to her to assist them in a final peace. She has a small animal graveyard in her back yard where she buries animals that were run over or killed by other animals. And most recently she assisted the police in finding the bodies of several young women who were the victims of a serial killer.

When some calls to her they use a unique echo. Sometimes a light, sometimes a smell, sometimes a sound; and they leave a residual imprint on their killer that matches their echo.

Violet’s boyfriend, Jay, has been her best freind since kindergarten and he’s the only one outside of her immediate family that knows about her gift. When Violet goes out for a day of fun with her friend Chelsea and finds the body of a little boy, she falls on the radar of Sarah, a consultant for the FBI. Sarah knows that Violet has a special gift but Violet is unwilling to admit to it. And to top everything off, someone has left a dead cat and a warning note for Violet. Could the new girl in town have it out for Violet?

This book is subtitled “A Body Finder Book” and I only hope that this means there are more to come! I absolutely loved it!