Kim Harrison – The Hollow Series – 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Brought to us by OBS staff member Katie

The second book in Kim Harrison’s series that is based in an alternate world where magic happens and a vampire can be your best friend – during the day. In this world a virus brings about “The Turn” and when it runs itself out, half the world is changed – witches, fairies, pixies, vampires, etc. while the other half is human.

Our heroine is Rachel Morgan, an independent runner (as in trouble shooter/maker), who almost lost her life to a demon disguised as a vampire in the previous volume. This time Rachel’s problems start when she accepts a contract to help with the investigation of a series of serial killings that is leaving the city’s ley line witches in a bad state of disassembly. Her task is to play a college student in the local University to spy on a particular professor. Rachel, however, believes she is watching the wrong person, and that Trent Kalamack, is the culprit.

If you liked Dead Witch Walking, the first book in the Rachel Morgan (or The Hollows) Series, then you’ll love this one even more. Many of the questions you had in DWW get answered; who summoned the demon to kill Rachel and what Trent really is. You’ll learn to love the characters even more as Rachel, Ivy, and Jenk’s friendship continues to develop.

Kim Harrison writes a very fast paced book and just when you think the book could be coming to a close, your struck with another twist with 70 pages left to go. Harrison will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. All in all, The Good, the Bad and the Undead is great and I would highly recommend it!