Written by OBS staff member Rose

Annie Frame, a British clairvoyant medium has studied the spiritual side of life for many years and is convinced that there most certainly is a world beyond what the poets call “this vale of tears”.

Annie first began her own journey by writing Imprint in 2006, after she felt inspired to begin work on it.

She has said “My work as a medium influences all I write and I doubt anything else could be a more interesting channel for me personally.” Not only is she an author and a clairvoyant, but she is also a Imara Reiki Master.

The first chapter of Imprint begins with a woman visiting the Library of Souls in an effort to locate a copy of her Soul Journal. Entering ones Soul Journal should not be taken lightly, due to the powerful effect of the journals themselves. If your intentions aren’t pure one could be sucked back into their journal forever.

Intriguing as this may sound…thankfully, this is not the path for this woman. Instead she comes to terms with her past incarnations by learning lessons in order to move on, and through this, it allows the reader to contemplate the very existence and plausibility of reincarnation itself.

However short this book was, a whopping 68 pages, it packs a spiritual punch that opens up ones mind to the possibilities life holds after we are ‘gone’.

The term ‘wow’ silently came to my lips as I read how each of the woman’s incarnations were actually connected.  The ‘how’ is quite mind-blowing.

Due to the short length of the book, it is literally impossible to dive any deeper into the characters or the story without giving anything away. To do so would be unfair.

Smart was Frame, in writing the story as fiction as opposed to fact, for I feel that it might not have been taken seriously if placed in that genre of books. Instead, readers are left to their own devices in their thoughts about what transpires and if it is in fact truth.  People rarely like being told how to think, and Imprint leaves this up to the reader.

Annie Frame’s next book, coming out soon, is titled “The Quiet Road’.