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The world is on the cusp of the Great War. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated by Serbian youths. This tragic event leads Europe to major conflicts as allies take sides; the Ottoman Empire is on the brink of disaster.

Although this seems pretty straightforward as far as World War I history goes, Scott Westerfeld adds a whole new dimension in his “steampunk version” of historical fiction. He introduces us to the Clankers: the military might of the Austria-Hungry, Germany, and their allies.

The Clankers rely heavily on advanced armor machines that move on two to six legs — reminiscent of tanks but far more advanced. The Darwinists are on the opposing side (Britain, France, Serbia and Russia) and believe heavily in their newly conceived and genetically altered and engineered “beasties.”

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Wow, this book sounds like an amazing read. Lately, I have an appreciation for steampunk art and this will round off my growing fascination perfectly. It’s a must add to my book list. Will you be reading the works of Scott Westerfeld?