Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Sookie Stackhouse, Bon Temps own telepathic waitress is back for more adventures in the 6th installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Series, Definitely Dead.  Sookies cousin Hadley, whom Sookie has not seen since she ran off and became the Queen’s companion and joined the eternal undead, has mysteriously died again, this time for good.  Leaving all her worldly possessions to Sookie, making her the sole heir, she must head to New Orleans to Hadley apartment go through her things and gain some closure.

Sookie’s love prospects have not faltered. Quinn, the big hulky weretiger we were introduced to in Harris’s previous installment, Dead as a Doornail, is back and in a big way. He returns to ask Sookie out but while out on a date, they get attacked by weres. Thankfully, this doesn’t deter a determined Quinn. To make matters worse, a dead body turns up in her yard. Couldn’t this all stem from her impending trip to New Orleans?

Nothing is ever simple for Sookie.

Definitely Dead follows the path of what we’ve come to expect of the Southern Vampires series; vampires, werewolves, witches and numerous other supernatural beings all come out to play. In a new twist, both her relationships with Bill and Eric have fallen stale. What she learns from Bill while in New Orleans is something so unforgivably, her relationship with him seems definitely dead.  But not to worry, with her current love interest Quinn, more dead bodies, a magical witch re-enactment with her new friend Amelia and meeting Mr. Cataliades, the Queen’s lawyer and half demon niece Diantha keeps her busy enough. Not to mention a kidnapping and trip through the swamps to top it off. Charlaine Harris really knows how to pack a punch.

There are many subplots in this book that bridge between the past and what is to come, therefore Definitely Dead is the conduit that leaves us with even more questions and is not complete on it’s own, as the other books have been. However, this novel is still a fun and exciting read and will draw you even further into Sookie’s world, holding your hand tight.