Biblio Vampire by Robert Curran

Written by OBS Staff Member Katie

Summary: They sleep in coffins. They cast no shadows and show no reflection in mirrors. They drink blood—and as every reader will certainly recognize by now, they are Vampires! Horror movie fans and dedicated lovers of gothic tales will want a copy of this spine-chilling volume. An opening section presents a general description of vampires, offers tips to readers on how to spot them—and most important, tells how to avoid them. But to become a true vampire expert, readers must go to the book’s second section, which defines eight different vampire types.

For instance, there is the Sampiro Vampire of Albania, who wears a corpse’s shroud and totters around on high heels. And from Scandinavia we encounter Draugr Vampires, who guard stockpiles of gold in their stinking nests until nightfall, when they roam the earth in search of human prey. The book’s lengthy final section is a compilation of spooky vampire tales collected from around the world. The terror-inducing text is complemented with more than 100 creepy illustrations in full color—though mostly, in appropriately dark and shadowy hues.

When I received Biblio Vampire I was very excited to see that it was a relatively big book. It has an awesome cover and the design on all the pages looked very professional. I was very impressed by how well made the book was.

Now on to the content of the book. I had read another book similar a few months ago and this book puts the other one to shame. Everything was very well organized unlike the other one. At first while reading I was a little bit confused because the author would name different vampires and talk about things they did and I knew nothing about these vampires. And I was lost, but then the next chapter went and broke down each vampire and it cleared up the stuff from the last chapter.

The whole section on ‘types of vampires’ was great. I really learned a lot about the different kinds and how to know if I run in to one before. Winking

But what I really enjoyed was the chapter called ‘Vampire Tales’. It wasn’t overly detailed, just enough that I could take the names that they gave me and I could look up more info if I wanted. Which will really help me with the senior research paper I will be writing this year.

At the end of the book they had a map with listings of all the places that are known for vampires. Then there were some fun cheesy test you could take. Yes I called the cheesy, but they where still cute.

The only thing I wish books like this would have our some ‘scientific proof’ of vampires. I mean I know that there isn’t actual proof that supernatural beings a exist, but I know that there has to be some kind of information on scientist finding skulls or anything else that could hint at supernatural beings.