Military Science Fiction is ‘da bomb’! Source

Okay I’ve never read any military science fiction nor do I really have the desire to do so. I guess I should be more open minded but it seriously holds no interest for me. Should I give it a chance? Have any of you read MSF? If so please let me know if it’s any good!

Brian Jacques, Author Of The ‘Redwall’ Books, Has Died. Source

You know, I’m not sure if I’ve even heard of the ‘Redwall’ series. From what I’ve gathered it was more of a younger read, but like many books geared towards kids, adults end up reading them also. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on them so my brother can read them. It truly is sad to see a obviously loved author leave us and I know he’ll be missed. But us readers will always have his books to enjoy. Are any of you familiar with Jacques work?

‘Matched’ author Ally Condie on national book tour Source

I keep seeing this book at stores and I’m interested in finding out what it’s about. Every time I walk past it I am tempted to buy it, but then I think of the seriously big pile of books I need to read. And I am being dead serious, I just bought a big book case the other day and the books that I haven’t read yet take up two whole selves! My grandmother is treating me to a trip to Barnes and Nobles for my birthday though, maybe I will use that opportunity to buy the book. Who has read the series? What’s it about? Is it any good? Also are any of you going to see Condie during her national tour?

Two witches, a vampire, an elf and a pixie do Vegas Source

I love love love the Rachel Morgan series! I think hands down it may be one of my favorite adult series. I look forward to every February for the new book. Pale Demon is the 9th book in the series and I have yet to lose interest. Now this article actually has an excerpt of chapter 12 but I will not let my self read it, I’m going to hold out and wait until I actually have the book in my hands. But Rachel in Vegas sounds crazy, actually scratch that, Jenks in Vegas sounds CRAZY! Just the idea of it haha. If you haven’t started the Rachel Morgan series what are waiting for get out there and read it! Are you excited for Pale Demon? Did you read chapter 12, how was it? (Eek please no spoilers, or at least warn a girl)