Interview & Giveaway: Cherie Priest- Bloodshot via Del Ray

“…Steampunk is not her only interest…so it’s not [surprising] that her new book, Bloodshot, takes her into new and fun urban fantasy areas.” Like vampires.

Blend of Celtic Myth and Irish History Makes Stina Leicht’s Dark Fantasy Debut Simply Extraordinary via Barnes and Noble

I love when myths are blended or reimagined. That’s why I love Stargate so much. I’m not usually a fan of fairies, but this does sound excited, so I’ll check it out.

Don’t Fear the Reapers: Why Knight’s Vampire Earth Saga is the Future of Military Science Fiction via Barnes and Noble

I love military Sci Fi, and I started this series, but I have no idea what I did with Way of the Wolf. It’s really good, and I’m dieing to finish it.

Margaret Atwood Uses Twitter to Seek Contributors to New Book via Suite 101

I love the way social networking allows writers to interact so closely with readers. It’s usually more fun for fans, but this is a great way for writers to use it too.

Is Conflict A Dirty Word In Science Fiction Romance? via The Galaxy Express

“I expect a lot of conflict in this subgenre. Not just external plot conflict, but specifically internal and relationship conflict. I want them as heated as some of the love scenes these stories also offer. Unfortunately, my wish doesn’t always come true…”

Philip Pullman’s call to defend libraries resounds around web via The Guardian

I’m so glad that Philip Pullman is defending libraries, and that his speech has brought so much attention to the matter. I hate to think that libraries will shut down. Literacy and reading-for-pleasure have dropped so steeply in the past decade anyway, closing libraries would only be more detrimental. We need more libraries, and more reading programs.

Top 10 Awesomest Things about being an EU Author via Borders

The Star Wars Expanded Universe was my first foray into Sci Fi books. I may have even purchased The Essential Guide to Characters (pre-prequels) and The New Republic Diplomatic Test. Theoretically, of course 😉