DOES BOOK DESIGN REALLY MATTER?  Did you ever see the movie “Deception” that came out in 2008? No? It starred Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. The cast alone should have made it a hit, but it bombed, critics hated it and audiences ignored it in spectacular numbers.

Movies and Books: Not That Different

The same is frequently true of books. It’s the experience people have reading the book that makes them want to share it with friends.

And besides the content itself, the only other influence on the experience of reading a book is exercised by the book designer. There is no make up, no locations, cinematography, special effects, stereo sound systems, none of the bells and whistles that grab attention in a film.

No the work of book design is quiet, always taking a back seat to the communication of what the author has to say, or the story she is telling.

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I totally understand what he is talking about (had to do a cover book myself). The way you show the readers or watchers your work is important. you have to capture the human eye and gain it’s interest, child, teen or adult a good impresion is always great.

What do you think, does it really matter?