White witch Rachel Morgan has been a bounty hunter for Inderland Security for the last three years and it’s been a constant bumbling battle for good assignments to prove her worth. She’s become bored and disillusioned with the job and she wants out. Problem is, retiring from I.S. means a swift and sure retirement from life. The I.S. doesn’t take kindly to broken contracts.

She’s got a risky idea that may get her around that, though…if she lives long enough to see it through. Rachel figures that if she can tag the largest brimstone dealer in the Hollows and Cincinnati area, she’ll be able to get her contract paid off. However, getting the evidence to bring him down will be far from easy.

With the help of her pixy bodyguard and her living vampire roommate, she may just succeed. If she can quit getting caught. (From Amazon)

United States

German (Translation: “Blood Trail”)
This cover is very ‘eye-capturing’, no pun intended, and the translation makes this book sound very dark.

French (Translation: “Witch for the Scoffold”)
Very similar to the US version, but Rachel is portrayed in a more sexy way.

Italian (Translation: “Kiss of Midnight”)
I think this cover really encompasses the typical strong, Italian female.

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Which are your favorite and least favorite covers and why?

Which ones do you feel represent the story the best and worst and why?