This month here at OBS we’re featuring Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in our book club. So it only seemed fitting to post the book covers.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There pursue what lies beyond and down rabbit holes and on reverse sides of mirrors.  Alice’s quest for knowledge, her desire to become something (a grown-up) she is not, is inverted. The books are not conventional quest romances in which Alice matures, overcomes obstacles, and eventually gains wisdom. For when Alice arrives in Wonderland, she is already the most reasonable creature there. She is wiser than any lesson books are able to teach her to be. More important, she is eminently more reasonable than her own feelings will allow her to express. What comes after for Alice?  Via Amazon

Note: This week I decided to separate all of the book covers by language instead of the country they’re found in. Since many of these books covers can be found in almost every country.


Both of these book covers are great. The one on the left shows Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Which many people are familiar with. The book cover on the right is very simple, but I think it may be my favorite.


(Translation: Adventures of Alice with the country of wonders)

These two covers where published many years ago, pretty close to the time the book was originally released. But that’s what makes them likable, the story of Alice is very old and these covers match the time period.

To view the rest of the book covers click HERE

Which of the covers was your favorites? Least favorite?

Which cover encompassed the story the best?