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Chapters 3-5

As Neferet plans her arrival in Tulsa, Zoey continues to spend her time at Sgiach’s castle. She knows she needs to return to The House of Night, but after all that has happened she isn’t sure if she is ready to go back and face whatever darkness awaits her. Plus Stark, her warrior and guardian isn’t himself. Knowing that Zoey could use a break, Sgiach allows Stark and Zo to stay on the island for as long as she’d like. Seoras comes in to tell Zoey that Stark is awake and waiting for her down by the cove. She immediately rushes out to meet him, when Sgiach tells her to go grab her new scarf. After getting the scarf Zoey finds Stark exactly where Seoras said he would be, they talk about life and Star can tell that Zo has been very distant and stressed. Zoey claims that it is because she was afraid that she was going to loose Stark. Stark promises that he will never leave her side and to prove it he asks Zoey to tie a knot on the hanging tree.

Zoey and Stark make their wishes and tie their knot on the hanging tree, sealing it with a kiss that is supposed to mean that they will be together forever. The spend the night in the grove in each others arms, then end up drifting off to sleep for a little bit. When they awake they make their way back to their bed room running in to Aphrodite. She can’t believe they are going to stay on the island while she goes back. Aphrodite calls Jack and makes Zoey explain why she wont be coming back home. Surprisingly Jack takes with pretty well.

Kramisha wrote down another poem about a beast, she knew it was about Stevie Rae. When she brought the poem to Stevie Rae, she wanted nothing to do with it. She says she doesn’t know what it means. When really she does, but she can not let anyone know that she is involved with a raven mocker. Dragon comes up when he hears them arguing and he agrees to take the poem and see if he can decipher it. They give up on the poem for now and head off to the council meeting.

“I was simply checking my email – nothing magickal or ass kicking about that.” – Sgiach, page 16

“Yeah, I got the instructions straight from Seoras. That and a bunch of smart-ass comments about my education being sadly lacking and something about not knowing my arse from my ear or my elbow, and also something about me being a fanny, and I don’t know what the hell that means.” – Stark, page 29

“You’re right. It didn’t cost me money, It cost me blood.” – Stark, page 30

“I’d like to hear you tell Seoras and the rest of the Warriors that they’re wearing woolly dresses.” – Zoey, page 32

“Course I can’t. They’s no need for you to get all huffy. I said almost. I ain’t Sookie Stackhouse. Plus, even if I was I wouldn’t listen in to your thoughts. That’d be rude and my mama raised me better than that.” – Kramisha, page 43

Why do you think Sgiach specifically said that Zoey could stay as long as her conscience would let her?

Do you think it was a significant moment when Zoey and Stark tied a knot on the hanging tree?

Generally Aphrodite is a mean spirited person, but we’ve seen the good side of her more than once. Even though she was being rude about having to tell Jack that Zoey wasn’t coming home, do you think that she was just hiding her real feelings and she really did care if Jack was hurt?

Why do you think Stevie Rae makes such a big deal about not knowing what the poems are about? We all know that she has to keep her relationship with the raven mocker a secret, but don’t you think to keep suspicion away she would at least pretend to figure out the poem?

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