BLURB PREVIEW: “DEAD IN THE FAMILY” BY CHARLAINE HARRIS Well — we still have to wait until May 2010 for the next Sookie book but here’s the book summary as posted on Amazon U.K.:


Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order, too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life – Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam – are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place . . . or will it?

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OMG, this is SO COOL! 🙂 I might actually die of anticipation!

What do you think of the summary??