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Bloodlines is the spin-off series of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Bloodlines follows Sydney Sage, an alchemist, as she is ordered to protect Moroi princess, Jill Dragomir. The series is filled with old characters we grew to love writing their own story, in of all places, Palm Springs.

*May contain some spoilers if you have not yet read Vampire Academy

Here are my choices for casting the series:

Sydney Sage: Emma Watson
Appearance: Her hair is blonde while her eyes are brown and has a small frame but is very good with weapons.
Reason: Emma plays the leader so well and Sydney is so orderly, which reminds me of a certain someone *cough* Hermoine *cough*. But Emma always does a superb job and Sydney is so complex, I could only see Emma playing her.
Adrian Ivashkov: Ian Somerhalder
Appearance: He has purposeful messy brown hair, piercing green eyes, about 6’1’’, and wears designer clothing.
Reason: Ian plays Damon on Vampire Diaries and playing Adrian wouldn’t be much different. He drinks, parties and talks back. Ian can play the swagger needed to play Adrian but also would play the heartbroken and frantic Spirit user.
Jill Mastrano: Sasha Pieterse
Appearance: She is 15, has brown curly hair and green eyes.
Reason:I haven’t seen Sasha in much, but she looks perfect for Jill. She is young and seems like she could play the shy but curious sort of character. Plus, she’s one of the few young actresses with naturally curly hair.

Eddie Castile: Chord

*If they died his hair sandy brown and he shaved like on Glee.

Appearance: He has sandy brown hair with hazel eyes and is said to have matured since Mason’s death.
Reason: I love Chord and after seeing him play Sam, I could definitely see him playing Eddie. He can play how protective Eddie is towards Jill but also have a questioning affection towards her. Plus, he has the body for it!
Lee Donahue: Steven R. McQueen
Appearance: Lee has black hair and grey eyes, and is an Air user.
Reason: Steven is great as the mysterious and brooding character. He would be great to play Lee since Adrian disapproves of him and he constantly seems to be hiding something. Steven also plays the lovesick character very well.
Keith Darnell: Xavier Samuel
Appearance: Keith has blonde hair with blue eyes, one being real while the other one is glass. He is an Alchemist and is 23 years old.
Reason: Xavier would be the perfect Keith because he could definitely play the cynical and backstabbing character. Keith harbors dark secrets and does hideous things, from what I saw Xavier do as Riley in Eclipse, he could play Keith with ease!
Micah Vallence: Jake Austin Walker
Appearance: Micah is said to resemble the departed Mason Ashford. He has red hair and blue eyes with a boyish smile.
Reason:Jake is 15, which is good since Sasha (the actress I chose for Jill) is as well; however, I’m not sure if Micah is around Jill’s age in the book. But Jake is one of the only teen red headed actors I know of and has that boyish charm with him. He seems like he could play Micah who is energetic and carefree.Those are my pick for Bloodlines! What are your choices for these character?