Lost Girl
Season Two, Episode 13
Original Airdate: 4/9/2012

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Nakeesha J. Seneb

We open on Bo and Dyson going at it. Then Bo turns into Saskia! Dyson shakes himself awake. He’s all healed up and Bo is tending to him. She apologizes for lying about Saskia, but Dyson tries to interrupt her and tell her about his own lies. The first one, he knows who Saskia truly is. Her name is Eva, and she’s Bo’s mother.

Saskia is surrounded by hunks and they’re messing up some light fae dude. Finally, Saskia, who henceforth shall be known as Eva, kills the fae. She wants to get caught. She wants to start a war.

Bo and Dyson are at Trick’s who is finally telling Bo everything. Everything is that Trick and Eva were of the same clan during a time of war. Trick sued for peace, but Eva wasn’t having it. To keep the peace, Trick turned Eva over to the Dark. And well, that kind of pissed Eva off so she henceforth hated and plotted against Trick. Bo’s not satisfied with that and wants to hear Eva’s side. So, Bo and Kenzi head off to Lauren for answers. Why? Because Lauren will know how Bo can protect herself from her psychotic mother while mommy and daughter are having a heart to heart.

When they arrive, Lauren is looking over the light fae that was killed by Eva. Apparently, he’s an Elder. His death could very well mean a declaration of war. Lauren agrees to help if Bo will agree to have a heart to heart with her after she finds her mom. Kenzi gets a call and takes off.

Kenzi’s call came from Hale. He’s acting weird. Oh! Because Dyson, who Bo and Kenzi aren’t talking to, is waiting in the wings. Dyson ambushes her and begs her to get Bo to talk to him. What is this? High school?

Back at the loft, Bo enters to find Eva playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen. Bo shrugs it off. Mommy dearest has abandoned her, stalked her, seduced her boyfriend and now she’s baking cookies. Sure, makes sense. Only the cookies are drugged and Bo keels over.

Kenzi and Dyson are too late. When they get to the loft, Bo’s not there and they see evidence of baking. Not Bo’s forte. Dyson, who tapped that MILF, smells Eva. Knowing this, Trick believes it’s time now to alert the Council.

Bo wakes up…in heaven. She’s surrounded by half-naked men serving her food. Eva apologizes. It seems that the dark fae Trick gave her to preferred to torture her instead of killing her. Years of captivity and torture are hell on the social skills. Eva explains that these men serving them are under her control from a little succubus trick called thralls. She also mentions that there’s a kryptonite to their species. Bo wants to know about her father, but that topic is off limits. Instead Eva tells Bo her ultimate goal: to take down fae society. Bo’s not onboard with the plan so mommy grounds her. Having missed the teen years, Bo jumps through a window instead of climbing out and then down a tree like a normal girl.

Trick is before the Ash. The Ash does not take this threat seriously. He’s certained the high elders can handle a little, old succubus. Trick takes off, unconvinced. Later in the meeting, a thralled man enters with a bomb strapped to his chiseled chest. Boom!

Bo is getting healed by Dyson. He wants to come with her, but she insists she must do this on her own, and then when the smoke clears, they’ll see where they stand. She and Kenzi head off to see Lauren. Lauren is busy trying to save the Ash. There’s chaos reigning. Eva might get her war afterall. Bo remembers that there is a succubus kryptonite. Lauren thinks that kryptonite, in the form of an amulet, might be in the light fae vault. And look, Lauren just happens to have a map and the key to the vault in her pocket. For her troubles, Bo gives her a kiss.

Bo and Kenzie find the vault and then quickly find the amulet. Now, to prove that the amulet works to block a succubus from taking another’s chi, Bo and Kenzi have to give it a test run in the form of a kiss. It works! And then things get real kinky when Bo handcuffs Kenzi to a railing inside the vault. It’s for Kenzi’s own protection. Bo has to do this on her own.

Bo finds her mom and pleads with her to stop the madness. Mom is deliriously proud that her daughter came armed. The two start to fight. Mom threatens to make Bo one of her thralls to make her behave. But she can’t. The amulet blocks her. Bo’s able to get out of her grasp and take off running. But Eva, who is still rough with this mommy thing, demands that there be no running in the house.

Kenzi’s gotten herself free and heads to Trick’s. She pleads with the Blood Fae to use his magic to shape Bo’s destiny, afterall this is his fault. Meanwhile, Dyson is visiting another fae who takes sacrifices to influence the future. The price Dyson must pay is to give up what he holds dearest. The last time he visited this fae, she asked for his wolf. But that was too high a price for Dyson. Not this time. He offers up his beast to give his strength to Bo. But his wolf is no longer what he holds dearest; it’s Bo. The fae reaches into his heart and takes Dyson’s feelings for Bo away.

Kenzi arrives at Eva’s just as Bo is getting hit with Dyson’s power. Bo’s able to overpower Eva who is hanging off a banister. Back at Trick’s, he’s all bloody and he’s working his magic. We can see that whatever Trick is doing is working because Eva regains her sanity and asks her daughter for forgiveness and then release. Eva forces Bo to let her go and she falls to the floor. When Bo and Kenzi reach the lower level, Eva’s gone and a small puddle of blood remains.

The next day, Kenzi and Bo are chilling in the loft. They feel that Trick must know more than he’s told them. They also believe Eva is still out there somewhere. Bo muses that she felt Dyson with her somehow during the battle with her mom. She feels that there are no more secrets between them. We see Dyson in the woods, scratching at his heart. He looks confused and animalistic. He shifts into his wolf and takes off running.