Dark Kings, Book #11

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250109552

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The Dragon Kings seem to be acquiring enemies around every turn, and they are just doing their best to try to keep up with all the threats to their existence.  Anson, king of the browns, has been sent with Kinsey and Esther to investigate tech company, Kyvor, and find out who was watching Kinsey and Ryder and collecting Intel on the kings.  They know they will have to enlist someone on the inside to help them out and the girls have their sights set on Devon Abrams.

Devon loves her job at Kyvor and is quickly climbing the corporate ladder, but when strangers show her how her company has been watching her electronically, even going as far as to bug her home, she no longer feels safe anywhere.  She knows the mission that Anson, Esther, and Kinsey enlist her for is dangerous, but feels she can handle it and get the names of those involved with the surveillance of Dreagan.  However, it all goes downhill once she is discovered.  Can Anson and the girls save her in time?

I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this series.  I have really been rather bored with the last several installments, so I’m happy to report that this book was able to maintain my interest throughout.  It wasn’t mind-blowing by any means, but it was a decent read, I just wish that the books didn’t mirror each other so much.  The romances all seem to be cut from the same dough, with the same cookie cutter, with few variations.  Anson and Devon’s relationship was slightly different from the last several books (thankfully).  This couple has an interesting connection none of the other couples have had and I genuinely liked them.

Rhi and Balladyn have continued their relationship, despite her remaining feelings for her king.  We do get some more hints of whom her king is, but not enough to determine his identity.  I’m half expecting it to be someone that hasn’t even been introduced to us readers, but being a well-known king would pack a bigger punch, but most of the big players already have mates.  Rhi did interact with him briefly in this book, letting me know the reveal is right around the corner!

And, it looks like Balladyn and Ulrik will both be making their moves very soon!

I also thought it was really cool that one of the local bands here in St. Louis, Shaman’s Harvest, was mentioned in this book so I decided to include the video of the song that was mentioned below, even though I like some of their other songs better.

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