Black Kiss

Obsession Inc., Book #1

By Dori Lavelle

ISBN: 9781986946

Author’s Website:dorilavelle(.)com


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Be careful what you wish for. You might just get Dax Pierce…

The life of a small town girl is not my thing. I’ve waited twenty-six years to run from it. My chance at freedom comes when my Hollywood crush, Dax Pierce, comes to Mistport, Maine. The moment his burning amber eyes land on my face… and my ass, I shiver with longing. When he lures me to Hollywood with the promise of stardom, I don’t hesitate. I walk away from my boring life and into the limelight.

Now everyone knows me as Emma Stanton, an up-and-coming Hollywood star. But I’m more than that. I’m Dax Pierce’s fiancée. The hot actor on the movie screen was mine all along and I didn’t even know it. Now I have it all. Or do I? To the world, I’m living a Hollywood fairytale. I used to think so too, but I’m not so sure anymore. There’s a dark side to Hollywood and its name is Dax Pierce.

No one told me that wearing his ring on my finger comes with a heavy price. A price I can’t afford to pay. A price I can’t afford NOT to pay. What’s my name again? I can’t remember because I’m losing myself inside his web.

*This book contains dark themes that could trigger emotional distress in readers.* (Goodreads)


Black Kiss is the first book in the new series Obsession Inc. by Dori Lavelle. Ms. Lavelle is nothing short of brilliant when creating a gripping, engaging, kind of frightening dark romance. While I certainly adore her lighter romances, I also cannot stay away from her dark side writing.

Black Kiss starts off with Emma Stanton working as a hotel cleaning person for the Baroque Hotel. I found it interesting that she goes into the staff room, a small TV is showing an Obsession Inc. commercial, urging women in abusive relationships to reach out for help. (Obsession Inc. is this series title…. interesting… a bit of foreshadowing perhaps?).  Emma gets the opportunity to work on the front desk the same day that the film crew comes into town to begin the shooting of “Ragged Waves” written by non other than Dax Pierce (a major crush of Emma’s). They need three extra’s for the filming… now how can Emma swing this? She so wants to get out of town and maybe this is her chance?

I blow out a sigh. I can’t even remember the last time I was interested in a man, not that I ever allow myself to fall in love with anyone. Every time things got serious with a guy, I pulled away. It must be the fear of falling in love with someone in this town and getting stuck here forever. I want to fly in an airplane, to see the world, to go on exciting adventures. I don’t want to fall in love with some guy whose idea of happiness is settling down in Mistport.”

As a result of the audition, Emma is one of the three people chosen to be extra’s in the movie. From there, she decides that Hollywood is her destiny and moves – after all – she did give up her job at the Baroque Hotel for the opportunity to audition for “Ragged Waves”. Lucky for her she got one of the three extra parts.

Fast forward a year, where Emma has been in Hollywood – getting the occasional small acting gig, waitressing and working the front desk at a hotel – all to make ends meet. And then one night Emma gets a call from Dax’s chauffeur – Dax wants to have dinner with her. And then he continues to tell her he got her a part in his next movie, “Velvet Flame”, as his lover. Now that certainly got my attention. In fact, that made me very uneasy. Why that did not make Emma nervous, I do not know.  Then she has to audition…. which is a VERY sexy scene. Whew is all I have to say.

The story tracks the rise of Emma and her relationship with Dax. As each page is turned, it seems the story gets darker and darker. What a controlling man Dax is. To me…his behaviour is truly frightening. What I wonder is why Emma did not take seriously the warning signs?  Regardless – it makes for a really compelling read! As she rises to fame, we see a dark side of Dax. Where will it all end?

I really was kept on the edge of my seat (so to speak) throughout the story.  Ms. Lavelle did not disappoint. So glad I already have book 2 in the series, Black Vows, ready to go on my eReader . I really have to see where this goes.