Cainsville, Book #4

By Kelley Armstrong

ISBN# 9780345815200

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betrayals-cainsville-kelley-armstrongOlivia, Gabriel, and Ricky have accepted the roles they play in the ancient drama around them, the one that keeps repeating with new characters. The Fae of Cainsville and the Cwn Annwn both vying for Olivia’s attention, both factions’ futures depending on her choice, Gabriel or Ricky; Tylwyth Teg or Cwn Annwn.  But Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky are determined not to make the same mistakes those of the past have made.  They aren’t going to force a decision, but instead stick together, the three of them.  They feel it’s the only way to avoid heartbreak and complete and utter destruction.  However, now Liv is having visions of young girls being brutally murdered and begging her to choose stating they will continue to die if she doesn’t.

Ricky has also been accused of murder, which leads our famous trio into an investigation that involves the girls in Liv’s visions, the Lamiae.  But their investigation also leads them to a rogue Huntsmen and a broken and abused Cwn (hound) that will take everything Ricky and Olivia have to bring back to trusting and get past her fear and hurt.

And during all of this, Gabriel finally realizes what he’s lost by not being able to be what Liv needed emotionally in the early going.  He’s decided he doesn’t want to roll over and die and just let Ricky have her.  He won’t try to keep her from Ricky or even try to break them up, but he’s decided it’s time to show her how much she means to him.

This is one of those series that I get so excited to get my hands on and usually they’re pretty entertaining reads.  You caught that ‘usually’ right?  Sadly, this installment just didn’t do it for me.  I stayed with the storyline fine, but I just didn’t find it all that exciting.  And, I couldn’t get past the unlikeness of Gabriel, Ricky, and Olivia all staying friends forever.  I mean she’s dating Ricky, but obviously has feelings for Gabriel as well.  It’s human nature to develop deeper feelings for one person over the other, just as it’s natural for the guys to form jealousies between them over her.  I know in my gut that one of the guys is going to end up with their heart shredded.  And, it makes me pretty sad thinking about it.

Luckily for Gabriel, Ricky is a really understanding guy, a bit too understanding.  Backing away from Olivia when you can tell he doesn’t want to, but feels Gabriel needs him to.  Not to mention the last scene of this book.  I hated his latest move to make sure the trio stays intact.  This solidifies my feelings that Olivia will end up with Gabriel and who will Ricky have to blame for it?  I think the only way they can all stay harmonious friends is if Olivia finds a new man unrelated to all of this stuff.  But who would be able to tolerate two other guys salivating over their woman?  I guess only time will tell how it will all shake out.  I just hope the next book is more entertaining for me than this one was.

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