Title:   Berried Grievances

Series: Cranberry Cove

By: Peg Cochran 

ISBN: 9781960511232 (ISBN10: 1960511238)

Author Website: pegcochran(.)com

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The Fourth of July always means endless celebrations in Cranberry Cove, and this year Monica and Greg have the added pleasure of spending it with Monica’s college roommate, Kelly Cargill. When they join Kelly and her family to watch the fireworks, it’s all very exciting—until the elderly matriarch of the family dies on the spot. Then evidence comes to light that she was poisoned, and Monica promises to do what she can to catch the culprit.

Just about everyone in Kelly’s family wanted to get their hands on what was sure to be a sizable inheritance. But Monica also discovers that one of them was trying to hide a messy love affair the older woman had discovered, and that the victim’s caretaker may have wanted revenge for enduring years of mistreatment. And just as more secrets surface and the clues begin to fall into place, Monica realizes that as she’s closing in on the killer, the killer is closing in on her . . . (Goodreads)


Berried Grievances is the 8th book in the Cranberry Cove series by Peg Cochran. I am actually beginning this series with this book. So first off, while it is not necessary to start the series at the beginning, it may not have been best to start at the end. I found it hard to bond with the characters. Having said that, it was a pleasant enough cozy mystery read with all the requisite components: a clever (albiet VERY pregnant) amateur sleuth, small town and a murder with many possible suspects.

Monica Albertson has been invited to a fourth of July celebration with her long ago college roommate, Kelly Cargill. While partaking in the celebrations and watching the fireworks, the matriarch of Kelly’s family, who is 90+, suddenly passes away! To help Kelly be comfortable with this sudden passing, Monica of course offers her help to dig “just a little”

There are many suspects since Violet, the deceased, was a wealthy woman. Naturally the major suspect pool was all of her family members as they had strong motives for wanting Violets wealth. Without getting into specifics (as that truly was half the fun of reading this book), the family members were tenacious in claiming their innocence and pointing fingers.

There is also an old “cold case” which plays into this murder with respect to more than one of the suspects (aka family members), and this played well with adding depth to the story.

I love how attentive Monica’s husband, Greg, is to her needs as a mother to be. You see – Monica is nine months pregnant and with the weather so hot…she is miserable and would just like everyone to stop commenting on “shouldn’t the baby be here by now” or “when are you due, any day now?” Except Kelly, her old college roommate and friend – she seemed to always have nice things to say, even when Monica is a bit self deprecating:

“Don’t you look lovely,” she (Kelly that is) exclaimed when she saw Monica.           

“I feel like I’m not walking anymore but rather steering myself.” Monica gave a rueful smile.

“Don’t be silly. You look perfectly graceful even if you do feel that way.”

I had quite the giggle at the fact that someone got a stripper for the baby shower. Definitely a scene that led to many giggles from this reader. I must say – how did Monica have the energy to keep working, sleuthing and incubating the baby at this later stage of her pregnancy? I know I sure could not have done all that she did at nine months. But a mom does what a mom must J

The mystery kept me entertained, as did the family members. As predictable – the mystery of “whodunit” was solved in the end and I had not really come to the definitive conclusion as who the murderer was! Yes – you will have to read the book yourself to find out who was the murderer.

Will I entertain the thought of going back and starting the series from the beginning, I do believe I will when reading time permits? Time will tell. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with interesting characters, a “whodunit” that will make you guess then I suggest you pick up Berried Grievances by Peg Cochran and set aside a few hours to read!