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Bee Summers
ISBN# 9780988062757
By Melanie Dugan
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bee-summers-melanie-duganFrom the start of the book I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes that remained until the last page. Oh my, this story will pull at your heart strings. Sometimes you never know just how good you have had it until it’s too late. This is a heartbreaking, thought-provoking story and one I think everyone should read. This book should be among the classics. Thank you Melanie for Bee Summers.

Melissa, known as Lissy to her family and friends, pumpkin to her father, has come home to find her mother is nowhere to be found. As the days tick away and still no mother, she starts asking questions but her dad will not give her a straight answer.

It’s now Bee Summer, it’s where her dad takes his hives around to fertilize and pollinate his clients orchards and it last about two weeks. Now that Lissy’s mother is gone and school is almost out, she gets to go with her dad for the first time. During this adventure she sees her dad in a whole new light.

During Bee Summer, she meets Mr. Earl Caulkins, the first stop, then Mr. Chance who is also a writer and the last stop is Les and Opal, a married couple. They all are different but yet each one made some sort of impression upon the young girl.  For many years Lissy and her father keep the ritual of Bee Summers.

Finally it comes to an end when Nathan, after Les has died, asked Opal to marry him and moved Lissy away from the only place that she has ever known. As the days go by a deep resentment builds up and she pushes away from her father and moves in with her Aunt Hetty.

Years go by, Lissy writes a book, marries and has children of her own. Still a barrier remains between her and her father. Then came the phone call from Opal telling Lissy that her father has been in an accident and has died. While there for her father’s funeral, she reads a book written by Chance. As she reads it, she realizes that it’s about her and her father. Finally her eyes are wide open to the truth.

After years of torment from friends talking behind her back about her mother, her best friend turns her back on her, Lissy is faced with the reality of what really happened to her mother and that her father only did what he thought best so that Lissy wouldn’t have to face the pain of abandonment. Now that all the facts are in place the heartache of her mothers leaving and the loss of her father, she is faced with the missed years, the lost moments and the love of a father that was never ending.

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