Dark Breed, Book #2
By Sable Grace
ISBN#  9780061964411
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Bedeviled is the second installment in Sable Grace (Heather Waters & Laura Barone)’s Dark Breed series.  Kyana has survived her trial and has started the process of becoming a goddess; taking on some of Artemis’s power.  She has seven days before she will become a full goddess and will lose her vampyre and lychen abilities completely.  That means Kyana has seven days to track down and capture Haven before she will lose her sire’s link to her.  Cronos‘s possession of Haven is getting stronger by the day and it will take all the power Kyana has and a few tricks up her sleeve to subdue her.

Then, Kyana finds out that Ryker has volunteered to be Zeus’s chosen and will no longer be able to accompany her on her search for Haven.  She will have to turn to an unlikely source for help.  And, when they finally capture her, Haven tricks a friend to aid in her escape, nearly killing him in the process.  But worse, leaving Cronos in possession of all four eyes of power.  Can Kyana stop Haven before she raises Cronos, unleashing his evil on the world?

I really wanted to love this book, but there were a lot of things that happened that were just too predictable for me to conjure any more powerful feelings than like for this novel.  I thought it was obvious that Ryker would take the position of Zeus’s chosen after it became clear the job was up for grabs; he’d do anything to avoid being Ares’s chosen.  And, now it’s looking more and more like Zeus is his dad making Ares not look quite so heartless.  Then, when Haven discovered the psychics were dead I instantly thought she’d go for the seer instead of the oracles.  And, lastly it couldn’t have been more obvious that Geoff was being played for a fool when Haven begged him to sit with her in her cell.

I found it a little convenient that all of a sudden all Kyana’s friends are becoming gods, people that would probably never have been good enough before, but now the best candidates are being killed off and the gods are settling for Kyana, Geoffrey, and Ryker.  Oh and Silas was forced to hold god power temporarily.

And, this whole hunt for Haven was extremely boring.  Kyana would find her and Haven would get away and they just kept doing it over and over again.  If that part of the book was more interesting, I probably would have liked it a lot better!

Another thing I never understood was if you know Cronos wants the four eyes of power and already has one, why oh why would you make it easier for him to get the other three by putting them all together?  I think they were just asking for trouble from that moment on.

One positive thing with this book was the growing romance between Kyana and Ryker.  I loved their intimate moments together and enjoyed watching Kyana slowly lower her guard and realize just how much she truly does love him.  I’m hoping that we will continue to see them grow as the series progresses.

“Your house, huh?”

“I’ve seen yours, I think it’s time I show you mine.”

“Ya know, when people say that, they’re not usually talking about houses.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, but we’ve already played that game. We can play it again later, if you like.”

I also really enjoyed the ending of the book and I know it is the main reason that I did enjoy this book.  It was unpredictable, which is why I probably liked it so much.  I never would have expected Ares to go along to the island to save Ryker and he instantly raised himself on my jerk to dream man scale.  Now he’s somewhere in the middle, but we know he does truly love Ryker and there is hope for him yet.  And, just between you and me I was right there with Ares when he just wanted to leave Haven stranded on the island.  Why risk your own life, when you can’t stop Haven from her mission anyway?  But I guess it turned out well for Kyana and now they have their conduits back, most of them anyway.  And, there is still hope for Haven as well.

Now I’m ready for the third book of the series, Chosen, stay tuned to OBS for that review, coming soon!

* Please note that this review is based on a free copy of the book sent by Avon/HarperCollins.