4 star rating
Beautiful Wreck
By Larissa Brown
ISBN# 9781937513313
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beautiful-wreck-larissa-brownIn a bleak future built on virtual reality, Ginn is a romantic who yearns for something real. She designs environments for people who play at being Vikings. But when her project goes awry, she’s stranded in the actual 10th century, on a storybook farm in Viking Iceland.

Heirik is the young leader of his family, honored by the men and women who live on his land. But he is feared and isolated because of a terrible curse. Ginn and Heirik are two people who never thought they would find a home in someone else’s heart.

When forces rise against them to keep them apart, Ginn is called on to decide—will she give up the brutal and beautiful reality of the past? Or will she have the courage to traverse time and become more of a Viking than she ever imagined?(Goodreads)


First off, I applaud Larissa Brown’s masterpiece of a debut novel. She mastered what easily could have gone wrong with  this majestic, beautiful novel. The critic in me yearns to find something wrong with the novel, but alas, I haven’t found anything worth noting. Yup, this book was a masterpiece!

Larissa Brown created some pretty amazing characters! Ginn is a great character: she’s funny, caring, courageous, and beautiful. I think it’s hard to take a great character and develop them even more, but Larissa Brown did a great job with that. Ginn developed as a person in all the brilliant ways.

As for Heirik, I have just one word: swoon! He is one drop-dead gorgeous guy. I’m surprised that Ginn made it past the first five minutes in his presence; I would’ve died by then, haha. Honestly, he compliments Ginn in all the perfect ways. As for the curse, I can’t reveal much, but let’s just say that it does have its effects.

Beautiful Wreck had so many chances to turn into a beautiful wreck, but the author instead turned it into a wonderful novel. I will definitely recommend Beautiful Wreck to anyone and everyone!