Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl
9.12 Greenbrier
Written by Krystal

As Ethan ran after Lena, he could hear her voice in his head telling him not to follow. He had taken sides now, for the first time. And while he had never participated in the exile of outsiders before, he sat by and watched as the others harassed them. Something had to be done. He stopped by the bio lab where Link took one look at him before tossing him the keys to the Beater.

The most obvious place for Lena to go was home and Ethan made his way there. The Ravenwood Manor loomed before him and he made his way to the door, despite his nerves. The house was in shambles on the outside, but still impressive in scale. As he approached the front door, Ethan noticed the lintel above the door had symbols on it and he vaulted up the decaying steps to the door. He knocked, but there was no answer and as he was about to give up he heard the familiar melody. Sixteen Moons. She was around here somewhere, so he made his way inside.

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Memorable Quotes:

Ethan: While I’d never picked up a marker and written LOSER across a locker myself, I had stood by and watched, plenty of times. (Page 61-62)

Ethan: Ravenwood Manor loomed in front of me. It rose up on the hill like a dare. (Page 62)

Lena: “I just wish I could be myself and still have friends who notice whether I’m in school or not.”
Ethan: “Believe me, they notice. At least, they did today.” She almost laughed – almost. “I mean, in a good way.” I looked away.
I notice. (Page 69)

Genevieve: Nothing had ever been able to kill those trees. Until today. (Page 75)

Lena: “I turn sixteen in five months.” She held up her hand, inked with a number as usual. 151. “A hundred and fifty-one says.” Her birthday. The changing number written on her hand. She was counting down to her birthday.
“You don’t know what that means, Ethan. You don’t know anything. I may not even be here after that.” (Page 78)

Questions for discussion:

Now that Ethan’s made the decision of Lena over the Gatlin students, do you think he will be treated as an outsider as well?

Whose initials do you think those are on the locket and what happened to Greenbrier?

Why do you think Lena’s birthday is significant to her?

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