4 star rating
Beach Plum Island
By Holly Robinson
ISBN# 9780451241023
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beach-plum-island-holly-robinsonI have read many books and yet it still amazes me when I find one you can actually relate too and also draws you in. I can picture it all, the beauty of Beach Plum Island, and the homes and lives that Holly Robinson has opened up for the readers.

There’s a sadness as soon as you open the book and start reading. Nothing worse than losing a family member but whats worse when you lose a parent are the lost moments in time that no matter what you do can never be returned but when the last words are,” Your brother should know the truth,” and you don’t have a brother, well thats when you have to relive your parents past to find him.

Two sisters are lost into their own world of pain and loneliness of the loss of their father a second time, first when he left them for another woman, and then when he breathed his last breath. The third sister is the daughter of the second wife who worshiped her father and doesn’t have a clue what to do without him. All three struggling with his death now have to look to each other for closure and to find their brother that none of them even knew existed.

Ava is the oldest and practically raised Elaine because of a mother who suffered severe depression and when Ava left home when she married, Elaine felt abandoned and pushed into taking care of their mother. Elaine became resentful of their father and Ava because they have a life and she doesn’t. Elaine doesn’t even have the slightest interest in Gigi their youngest step sister because Gigi has memories of her father that she never will.

As Ava and Gigi go on a hunt looking for the long lost brother they begin to learn the truths of the young lives of their parents. Are the secrets from the past going to pull them closer together or is it going to push them farther apart?

Elaine is jealous because Ava has opened her heart and her home to Gigi. Ava is a mother and Gigi is only a fifteen yr old child who’s own mother has slipped into a depression after Gigi’s father dies. Ava has mothered Elaine all her life and to this day as an adult Elaine still gets into trouble and Ava is always there to help her out but now that Gigi is in need of Ava’s mothering Elaine is mad because once again someone is taking Ava’s time from her. Elaine is on the fast track of destruction but is it too late to save her?

This book is a heartbreaking story of lives and misunderstandings, of secrets kept that can potentially destroy all ties and relationships of a family but love sometimes can be strong enough to mend all the cracks in the foundation as long as the heart can heal enough to let the love shine through.

The flow of the story was rocky at first but after a couple of chapters it was smooth as silk. Anyone liking romance with a little mystery and the shedding of a few tears will enjoy this book as much as I did.