Be a Movie Extra

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List, Book #11

By Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website: lilliannablake(.)com

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Well Max did warn me about being a movie extra. He did say it was a bad idea to answer the advertisement in the newspaper. I think he feared I would end up in some dodgy set somewhere hanging from a ceiling playing the part of the dead. Or maybe even an extra in an adult movie.

I can’t tell him the truth – that I wouldn’t have minded that. But no such luck. The movie I was in didn’t have dead bodies or naked bodies hanging around. Disappointed as I am with that, this challenge did show me something that I had long dreamed of.

So maybe one of these days I’ll be a star. I just hope it’s the kind of star that will make my mom proud. Or maybe I could be a star with a secret life – hmmm, interesting. (Goodreads)


As always, an enjoyable read with plenty of opportunities to chuckle. Being a Movie Star has all the makings of a story with lots of potential – a fun new adventure for Samantha to spread her wings.

Having been an extra in movies, I can see what the lure is. You get to do something fun but at the same time, remain in the background with anonymity. And let’s not kid ourselves – the food tents are great!

I concur whole-heartedly with one of Max’s comments. This is when Samantha describes her new adventure and then belittles herself:

I’m going to try to be an extra in a movie.” …

“So you found a movie to try out for?”

“Yes. It’s shooting locally. I mean-I’m sure there will be tons of people there trying to be extras, so I doubt I will actually get picked.”

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Doubt yourself?”

Sam does own up to herself at least that she is there to try out to push herself out of her comfort zone. She has always hated getting photographed because she did not like the way she looked in pictures. Something I am sure many people can relate to. In an attempt to break free of that type of behaviour, Sam feels this is the best way to rid herself of these hang-ups – by putting herself out there to be filmed!  I say good for her!

Of course, what transpires is pure fun and frivolity. Nothing less than one comes to expect from this series. Sam is chosen to be an extra because she is a real woman.  The part is that of a very seductive and powerful woman. And it turns out to be a movie in the genre that Sam is not a big fan of – action thriller.

Her interactions with the big star are entertaining. Soon her extra role turns into a small speaking part. As usual, Sam learns more about herself throughout this process, which is so beneficial to her development as a confident woman. I love this journey she is on.

Another fun installment of the series – laughter abounded as well as some light critical thinking. On to book #12, Join a Writing Group.