Be a Mentor

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

By Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website: lilliannablake(.)com 

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Mentoring – I can do that. I did learn from the yoga class that we have to be mindful of the needs of others. Maybe I’m sometimes a bit too, ahem, mindful of other’s needs, but that’s another story.

So I’ve volunteered to be a mentor and I know exactly what I have to do. I’ll just tell the little girl my whole life story, get her to write it all out and say – “now, don’t do any of that and you will have a great life.”

My only fear is that she’ll call the police on me, or maybe even the men in white coats. Hmmm, I think I’ll have to be careful with this one. (Goodreads)


The ninth book in the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List series by Lillianna Blake is Be a Mentor. In this book we have Samantha doing more than an item solely for herself – but an act that involves and benefits another human being.

As with all the previous books in this series, I was able to laugh wholeheartedly at some of Sam’s antics – like during the process of getting fingerprinted and she attempts to shake officer Paul’s hand and instead her foot catches on the leg of the chair and Sam falls forward and accidentally gropes his rear end.  Too funny. Though certainly this is something that would of course happen to Sam.  As Paul walked away from Samantha:

As the officer walked away, my eyes widened. Clear as day on the seat of his light gray trousers were my fingerprints. If he decided to press charges for indecent sexual conduct, I was sure he would have ample evidence.

However, Sam did get Paul’s business card as a result of this mishap. I wonder how long it will take until Sam calls him? Or will she?

Sam has been matched with Charlotte, as her big sister. Charlotte has been through a few Big Sisters. The relationship was rocky to begin with as Charlotte was a stubborn young gal. I chuckled throughout the mall sequence where Charlotte has Samantha go into Spurs and More. With a store name such as that – one can only imagine the clothing. Again, chuckle worthy moments, especially as Charlotte had Samantha try on a skin-tight corset and leather chaps. 

Amid all these chuckle worthy moments – I was also able to see that Sam was stretching herself. Trying to be a positive role model for Charlotte in the face of adversity. It was nice to read about Sam stretching herself not just with fun and never done before items from her bucket list but that it also included an item of growth with respect to giving back to the community at large.

Another enjoyable installment of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List series by Lillianna Blake.