Bayou Dreaming            

Butterfly Bayou # 3

By Lexi Blake     

ISBN13: 9781984806604

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Roxanne King left the big city looking for a simpler life, but after years of proving herself on a SWAT team in New York City, being deputy in a sleepy Louisiana parish is something of an adjustment. She’s settling in, but she knows she made some mistakes in the beginning–Zep Guidry being the worst of them. Zep drifts through life on his looks and Cajun charm. Roxie learned the hard way he’s not for her.

Zep is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Roxie. He’s just not sure how to get her. They spent one hot night together a year before and now all the lovely deputy seems interested in doing to him is arresting him. He’s not used to a woman he can’t charm, but Roxie seems immune. He’s determined to win her back by any means necessary. Including becoming the kind of man she desires.

And when Roxie’s past comes calling, it might be the opportunity Zep needs to show Roxie that the town bad boy might just be the man of her dreams.


The third book in the Butterfly Bayou series, Bayou Dreaming, is by far the best of the three in the series by Lexi Blake that I have read to date (at least in my humble opinion).

We were introduced to Zéphirin Guidry (Zep) in book two, Bayou Baby, where he put his dreams on hold to help his baby sister and her young son, Luc.  Roxanne King (Roxie) also was introduced in book 2 – arresting Zep whenever possible. They also had a one night stand in Bayou Baby.  Luckily for this reader – book 3 is the love story of Zep and Roxie. And what a story it is.

Zep is the town bad boy who has not grown up – and the following left me with anticipation to see what Zep was going to do to change that image:

There was a joke around town that the only thing Zep Guidry knew how to finish was a beer. He was tired of being that guy.”

Most of the towns folk do not see him for who he truly is. But his family does know that Zep has the biggest heart and would do anything for you….and I mean anything. One year prior – just as Zep was going to tell his family he would be off to LSU to finish his associate’s degree – his sister springs it on the family that she is pregnant. So Zep forgoes his dreams to help his family.

Roxie is finally settling in as a town deputy. She used to be a hard working police officer in New York married to another police officer. Unfortunately – due to (in my mind) gender inequitable thinking on the part of her husband – she realizes that she has settled in all of her life goals so she divorces her husband, quits the NYPD and takes a job in Papillon. Her original goal when she moved to Papillon, Louisiana was to stay in town and heal her wounds and eventually move back to the big city where the excitement and opportunities of a big city police force abounded. Little did she know that her one night stand last year would have such a lasting effect on her (or Zep for that matter).

Now every love story has twists and turns – and this story is no different. At the beginning of the story both Roxie and Zep are still sparing – he does “stuff” to irritate Roxie and she must “arrest” him.  It is like their dating ritual – or so it seems. Then an actual case where Jeb’s expertise with animals is needed…and the rest is history J. I loved the evolution of Roxie and her ownership of her feelings. Learning to express them was difficult for her – but she persevered. And finally, Jeb stood up for himself and let the world (or rather Roxie) know what he wanted. The growth of these two characters was interesting and definitely kept my attention.

I also loved (and I won’t say too much about this…but…) the ruse the whole town was in on. And the town hall scene – perfect. I loved how good Roxie and Jeb worked together.

The seduction scenes were well written with just the right amount of hotness for me. I really like that my imagination was left to fill in some of the blanks. There were also many chuckle worthy moments throughout the story. And any time a story involves dogs and cats – you have my attention.

Loved the cover page with the dog on the pier looking forlorn – like he is waiting to be rescued!

Bayou Dreaming was an easy, entertaining, emotional love story and a great addition to the Butterfly Bayou series. I can hardly wait to see if there will be a book 4.