Batgirl at Super Hero High

DC Super Hero Girls, Book #3

By Lisa Yee

ISBN: 9781101940655

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Synopsis:  Batgirl at Super Hero High

Batgirl has always hidden in the shadows but does she have what it takes to stand in the spotlight at Super Hero High?

Barbara Gordon has always been an off-the-charts, just-forget-about-the-test super-genius and tech whiz, and then she gets the offer of a lifetime when Supergirl recognizes that Barbara s talents make her an ideal candidate for Super Hero High. Donning the cape and cowl, Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl, ready to train at the most elite school on the planet, next to some of the most powerful teenagers in the galaxy. She s always had the heart of a hero . . . but now she ll have to prove that she can be one. Good thing she loves a challenge!

Award-winning author Lisa Yee brings mystery, thrills, and laughs to this groundbreaking series that follows DC Comics most iconic female Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Move over Batman and Superman the DC Super Hero Girls are ready to save the day and have fun doing it! (Goodreads)


Superheroes, I just love them! Especially the superhero girls of Super Hero High, and Batgirl at Super Hero High is by far my favorite in the series.

In this third book of the DC Super Hero Girls, it is Batgirl’s turn in the spotlight. In the previous books the reader caught glimpses of Barbara here and there while she helped Super Hero High and its students with tech stuff and also saw how she was an asset in defeating Granny Goodness. Now, Barbara Gordon is adjusting to her new life as a student at Super Hero High and a new superhero. Although Barbara is smart and good with technology, she has a lot to catch up to compared to the supers with supernatural abilities. Afterwards, Barbara starts training with the help of Supergirl, Katana, Bumblebee, Wonder Woman, and all her superhero friends.

Barbara is determined to become a superhero, and for this to happen she takes a step further into achieving her dreams, which means moving out of her house to the school dorms. Commissioner Gordon isn’t so happy at the beginning with this change but slowly comes to terms with the fact that Barbara is now a superhero and her new identity is Batgirl.

Dad has finally agreed to let me attend Super Hero High. Now that this is really happening, I realize that, in a roundabout way, it is something I have dreamed about all my life.

Barbara, now Batgirl, begins to experience life as a student, a superhero, and a tech genius, which leads her to get into some trouble. But no worries, Batgirl knows how to handle the situation and make things better.

I really liked Batgirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl has always been one of my favorite DC girls and she finally got her own story. Lisa Yee has presented us with wonderful coming of age stories for the DC girls, each one different and special in their way which shows that even supers go through tough times to become the amazing superheroes we are used to seeing.

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