Bad Moon Rising

Dark-Hunter, Book #17

Were-Hunter, Book #4

Hellchaser, Book #3

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312369491

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*Beware of spoilers!*

Fang and some of the other members of his pack were helping train a couple of their cubs and took them to Sanctuary; a safe place for if they failed to hold their human forms.  While there, a pack of Jackals grabbed Aimee Peltier and held her at knife-point.  Wolves are raised to respect women from a young age and once the knife is drawn, Fang can’t back down.  He and Vane intervene, saving Aimee’s life, to which the entire bear clan is thankful and relieved for.

Bears and wolves usually can’t stand the smell of the other, but both Aimee and Fang are drawn to each other and don’t even think the other stinks!  However, the two can’t be together.  Bears and wolves don’t mix, not to mention Mama Bear is bringing in all kinds of bears to try to find one that Aimee will be willing to mate with.  But after their first meeting neither Fang nor Aimee feel attraction for anybody else.

“That sent chills over him, but he still had no desire to touch her.

Nipping his ear hard, she pulled back with a curse and slammed her fists into his chest. “What is wrong with you?”

Fang looked at her blankly, wishing he had an answer. Instead, he could only think of one thing.


Then, tragedy strikes.  Daimons attack the wolf pack.  They were given a head’s up that allowed most of the pack to flee.  However, Fang and Vane’s sister had just gone into labor and was not able to be moved.  They had to stay and fight and one of the daimons killed her.  Their father had Vane and Fang beaten and hung from a tree for the daimons to feast on.  Vane being in his stronger human form was able to free himself, but the damage had already been done to Fang.  The daimons had taken too much of his soul and he appeared to be in a coma, when he was in fact trapped in hell.  He was able to get a message to Aimee about what was going on.   Aimee went on a mission to kill the daimons that feasted on him so Fang could get his soul back and return to their world.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get him out before he bartered what little soul he had left to protect her.

Aimee and Fang love each other and feel they are mates, but it’s a doomed relationship that can never be.  And, when Fang is accused of multiple murders he is forced to make a choice to forfeit his own life or the life of his brother.

I absolutely love a good werewolf story so of course I gobble up the Were-hunter books as quickly as I can!  I loved Vane’s story and I knew that Fang’s book would be no different!  Although this novel, makes me want to re-visit Vane’s novel as well.

It’s really sad how horrible Fang and Vane’s parents were when it came to them.  And, my heart broke when they lost their sister and got even more pain and suffering from their father when they did all they could to protect her.

There surprisingly isn’t that much sex in this one as Fang and Aimee were trying to keep from mating for the majority of the book.  Aimee’s family would never accept her mating with a wolf! 

I found this book to be rather action packed and there was never a dull moment, which is kind of surprising since the book spans a large amount of time! I mean Vane has two kids during this book.  Well the second one isn’t born, but has been created.  This is also the first of the hellchaser books that I’ve read.  It seems like an interesting wrinkle to this twisted Dark-Hunter universe and I’m excited to see where it leads. 

Thorn seems to be an interesting character, much like Ash, Jaden, and Savitar so I’m anxious to learn more about him.  And, with the changes at the end of the book, I have no doubt we’ll see plenty more of Fang and Aimee, so that’s exciting as well!  I can’t wait to see what Kenyon has in store for me next!