Created by
Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

Avatar: The Last Airbender, tells the story of a 12 year old monk airbender named Aang, who when caught in a storm gets freeze inside an iceberg along his flying bison for a hundred years which leads them to suspended animation until water tribe sister and brother, Katara and Sokka find him while fishing one day for food.

Their journey begins here while they try to stop the Fire Nation and bring the balance back to the four nations. On the way Aang will have to learn to control the four elements that will lead him to the Avatar State, find a water, earth and fire master to teach him and still have time for a little fun.

A: Aang
(The hero of the story. He is found by two water tribe kids after being frozen in time for over a century. He controls all four elements.)


(Aang’s flying bison. Not all now the magic words to make him fly 😉 )

B: Bryan Konietzko
(Executive producer and co-creator of the TV series.)

Ba Sing Se

(Powerful Earth kingdom capitol surrounded by a wall. Aang travels there in order to warn the king about the Fire Nation’s plans.)

C: Comet

(Sozin’s Comet will give great power to the fire nation, so Aang needs to defeat the fire lord before it appears.)

D: Deserter, the
(Aang and the others seek the mystery fire nation deserter in order for him to help Aang master the fire element.)

E: Earthbenders
(People with the special ability to control and manipulate the earth element. Aang used to have a earthbender friend in Omashu.)

F: Firebenders
(People with the special ability to control and manipulate the fire element. Azula and Zuko are some of the powerful firebenders.)

G: Guru

(Pathik the Guru helps Aang through the process of opening his seven chakras in order to control the Avatar State.)

H: Hakoda
(Katara and Sokka’s father. He was taken prisoner by the fire nation in order clear every waterbender from the map.)

I: Iroh

(Once fire nation general and Zuko’s trusty uncle. He’s kind, always helps Zuko in whatever he can, loves tea and is very wise.)

J: Jeremy Zuckerman
(Music composer. Something very distinguished about the TV series is its unique background music.)

K: Katara
(Along with her brother Sokka, she rescues Aang from his iceberg time capsule. She is the only water bender in the Southern Water Tribe and helps Aang in his mission to find masters to teach him the rest of the elements.)

Kyoshi, avatar

(One of the previous incarnations of the Avatar. She was from the earth nation and lived the most out of all the previous avatars. Her metal fans and dress were adopted by the Kyoshi warriors.)

L: Library
(Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara come across this hidden Spirit Library in the desert where they find a clue to defeat the Fire nation.)

M: Michael Dante DiMartino
(Animation director and co-cretor of the TV series. His resembles to Aang is quite curious.)


(Aang’s winged lemur. He is always getting into trouble over food or just for fun 🙂 )

N: Nickelodeon
(Network where the animated series aired.)

O: Ozai, Fire Lord
(Azula and Zuko’s father also General Iroh’s younger brother. He is a very powerful firebender and Lord of the fire nation. Won’t stop through nothing to get what he wants.)

P: Painted Lady
(Katara becomes “The Painted Lady” to heal the sick and provide food for a fire nation village they arrive to.)

Q: Quality

(One of the Avatar’s qualities is to enter the Spirit World where he serves as the bridge between the physical world and the Spirit World.)

R: Roku, avatar
(Aang’s previous Avatar incarnation. He acts as Aang mentor and is very helpful when he needs help. They’ve seen each other several times in the Spirit World.)

S: Sokka
(Katara’s brother and one of the last warriors in his tribe. He accompanies Aang in his mission and acts as the funny guy of the group, but still takes his warrior role seriously.)


(One of the Kyoshi warriors and leader. She’s a great fighter and has helped Aang and the others many times. She also has feelings for Sokka. 😉 )

T: Toph
(Even though she’s the youngest and a blind earthbender she’s already a granmaster who becomes Aang’s teacher. She has a great fighting technique and sarcastic humor.)

U: Underground

(Appa hates being underground after what happened to him a 100 years ago.)

V: Visions
(While Aang, Sokka and Katara get lost in a swamp they start to having these weird visions in which Aang sees a mystery girl.)

W: Water Nation

(It is divided in two: the Southern Water Tribe where Sokka and Katara are from and the Northern Water Tribe where princess Yue lives and the Admiral Zhao attacks.)

X: Xin fu

(Owner of the Earthbending Tournament where Aang and Toph participate. He is later on, one of the men sent to bring back toph.)

Y: Yue

(Princess of the Northern Water Tribe and Sokka’s love interest. After the moon spirit is killed she becomes the new spirit.)

Z: Zuko

(Prince of the powerful Fire Nation and Aang’s enemie at the beginning. After following his own way with the guidance of his uncle he becomes Aang’s teacher.)

(Fire nation Admiral whose task is to find the Avatar and get Zuko out of the way. He found out the Moon Spirit’s location and after entering the water tribe kills it in order to defeat the water nation.)

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