Thanks to Melissa Parker at Our Prattville: An Our Prattville Exclusive Interview: Best-selling author Anne Rice on her new book Angel Time
Rice weaves the visible and supernatural worlds together in epic tales that both entertain and challenge readers. She is best known for The Vampire Chronicles, a series of novels that revolves around the fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt, an 18th century French nobleman who was turned into a vampire.

Since 2004, Rice has been writing only Christian fiction. Her new series of books is entitled Songs of the Seraphim, and the first of the metaphysical thrillers, Angel Time, was released on October 27.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): I enjoyed Angel Time. Did the idea for that book just come to you also?

Anne Rice: Well, the idea really came to me. I thought, “What if the angels could pick up somebody from one time and take them to another to do their bidding? What if from the vantage point of heaven all time is continuing?”

I really wanted to work with that idea and gradually I thought, “Well, who would be the perfect person, who would need comfort, and the idea of Toby O’Dare came to my mind … this young assassin who was really burned out spiritually but was still very young, very vital. And really with a deep-rooted faith in God he was suppressing and so the novel developed really in that way. I think it was the idea first and the characters second.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): How did the idea of “angel time” come about (as compared to “real time”)?

Anne Rice: It was sort of something that I was inspired to see that based on a lot of theology I’ve read that probably from the vantage point of heaven everything can be seen as going on at the same time.

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Nancy Holder has an enormous catalogue of writing credits. With co-writer Debbie Viguie, Holder has hit the New York Times best-seller list with the young adult horror WICKED series, which has just been optioned by DreamWorks. Holder is also the author of many BUFFY novels and she’s one of the writers in the just-published HELLBOUND HEARTS anthology of original stories inspired by Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER. Holder’s newest young adult horror novel, POSSESSIONS, has just been published. She gives us an exclusive look at the book and her thoughts on writing horror.

iF: What is POSSESSIONS about?

NANCY HOLDER: POSSESSIONS is a young adult horror novel about a girl who goes to an isolated, very upscale boarding school in the mountains of Northern California, and she discovers that it’s haunted and that the mean girls are not just mean, they are very, very evil.

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from Sci-Fi Author Writing Not One, Not Two, But Three Games For Electronic Arts
Acclaimed British science fiction author Richard K. Morgan has announced that he’s teaming up with EA to help pen the stories for three of the publisher’s upcoming titles. Writing on his site, Morgan – best known for his novels Altered Carbon and Black Man/Thirteen – says he was approached last year by EA’s John Miles with a view to writing a game that was currently in development. Things obviously went well, because Morgan is now “consulting” on three separate games, all of which he describes as works of science fiction.

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via Belfast Telegraph: Northern Ireland fans queue to meet sci-fi guru George RR Martin

The stars of a pilot for a HBO TV series took a break from filming in Belfast yesterday to support the author who dreamed up their latest work.

Game Of Thrones, with a cast led by Sean Bean, is being filmed at locations across Northern Ireland including the Paint Hall in the Titanic Quarter.

Mr Martin said he was pleased by the impressive turnout of fans and said he had used his trip to visit locations for Game Of Thrones. “We were at Cairncastle yesterday for an execution scene. It was a bleak setting and pretty appropriate,” he said.

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I love hearing where author’s get their ideas. It’s so cool to see the thought processes laid out like that. I never really thought about writers working on video games, but I guess I should have realized that since so many video games have complex back stories.

What do you think of the stories behind Angel Time and Possessions?