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Rachel Vincent recently made her YA debut with “The Soul Screamers” series. My Soul to Take is the first novel in the series and is about a teenage bean sidhe (banshee) who is trying to make sense of the terrifying, hidden world she is immersed in, while still maintaining the normal high school existance of an American teenager.

My Soul to Take is about a normal high school girl named Kaylee who is trying to make sense of the terrifying world she belongs to, that of the bean sidhes (banshees). You did a lot of research on Irish folklore for this novel—can you share with us some of the most interesting bits you uncovered during the process?

I think the most interesting thing I learned was that originally, bean sidhes were supposed to have only wailed for one of the five major Irish clans. I couldn’t use that particular bit of information in the series (it was too limiting), but Kaylee’s last name (Cavanaugh) is a reference to one of those clans.

My Soul to Take is the first installment in the Soul Screamers series. Since this novel was your first foray into young adult fiction, would you say it was more challenging to write than the urban werecat Shifter series?

Honestly, no. Overall, I’m finding the rough drafts of the Soul Screamers books to be a bit easier (or at least less stressful) to write than my adult books. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. So far, the first two in the series both went through a bit of an overhaul during the revisions. That was due almost entirely to my efforts to make sure the dialogue and perspective were appropriate for the younger cast of characters. Not too mature, but not dumbed down. It’s a very delicate balance, because teenagers are smart, and they’re perceptive. YA isn’t a watered down version of adult literature. It’s its own category, with a very specific audience. (Though a lot of adults read YA too.) And that audience has a built-in BS meter, which I’d really like to not-peg. 😉

My Soul to Save, the second installment in the Soul Screamers series is scheduled to be released in December 2009. Can you tell us how many books we can expect in the series? Also do you have the entire series planned out and know how it will end?

So far, I’m contracted for a total of five books, and I’d be willing to do a couple more than that, if there’s enough reader demand. I do not have the entire series planned out, but I have book 4 plotted and several very vivid ideas for book five. And I can’t wait to write them!

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