Auditory Viewpoint

By Lillian R. Melendez

ISBN# 9781612962115

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Gloria Rank has lived her entire life in the dark. Blind since birth, she has made a name for herself as a respected talk radio show host in New Jersey. When her younger sister, Anna, has her identity stolen and a man is murdered outside her apartment, Anna becomes the prime suspect in an FBI investigation. But when bodies begin piling up around her, the FBI has to admit that she is being stalked by a murderer.

With the FBI focused in the wrong direction, it is up to Gloria to teach Anna to use her other senses–hearing, touch, taste, and smell–which she never really had to completely rely on before to help uncover a ring of identity thieves and stop the killer from taking her life, and perhaps Gloria’s as well!

Their only hope for survival is an experiment in perception that will unearth heartbreaking secrets and catapult Gloria into a darkness of the heart beyond any that she has ever known.


I liked the premise of the book; the actual story had much promise (identity theft is a ‘now’ topic).  I did enjoy the portion of the story where Gloria was trying to teach Anna to use her other senses.  However, Gloria seems stilted, very abrupt sometimes.  I found it hard to connect with her.

I found that at times the dialogue seemed odd, like what was said by a character was forgotten almost immediately.  For example why would Eric say he had something to say and then say he had no clue???  Just confusing and takes away from my enjoyment of the story:

“Where are Special Agents Sanchez and Henderson?” Eric asked.

“Very busy. Why are you calling for them?” Captain Steve asked.

 “I have to inform Special Agent Sanchez about the person I believe organized the Thanksgiving Day Parade hacking scheme.”

“And who would that be?” Captain Steve asked.

Eric stopped typing and sat back in his chair. He contemplated the question and shook his head. “I don’t have a clue,” he said slowly.

Special Agents Sanchez and Henderson walked quickly to join the rest of them.

“Here he is,” Captain Steve said, and Eric turned to Mr. Sanchez.

“I think I know who stole this USB drive from Gregory and conceivably might be his murderer.” “You do? And who might that be?” Sanchez asked.

“Philip Cole,” Eric answered.

“Do you know for sure?” Special Agent Henderson asked.

Captain Steve Buchanan and the rest of the FBI agents looked at Eric, who remained silent and motionless as he thought long and hard about his answer. “It might be someone by the name of Philip Cole.” Eric quickly turned to look at them. “It might be him.” He slowly turned his head forward to face the computer screen, but didn’t lean towards it.”

Or just reading a section that was a bit confusing and did not seem to add much value to the fact that Benjamin had just fallen down a flight of stairs – why mention the stages of sleep?:

“Benjamin continued to roll down, his back hitting against the fourth step, and his body unendingly began to turn as his whole left side struck against the sixth to tenth steps. The fourteenth to fifteenth steps came into impact with his head. The fall caused a slight concussion as the stairs brought him down with a great force of gravity. Benjamin did not move. He passed through stage 1 and 2 of REM sleep and was in stage 3, all in five quick minutes.”

Overall, I enjoyed the premise of the story.  Unfortunately for me, the intermittent and misplaced or odd dialogue took away my enjoyment of the story.

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