At the Quiet Edge

By Victoria Helen Stone

ISBN# 9781542037327

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Lily knows all about what it’s like to fall for a con man.  She loved her husband, Jones, and she thought he loved her too.  However, it had all been a lie … even his name.  He had convinced her to move to the small town she grew up in and raise their son there.  Then, he slowly conned the residents there out of their money.  The police never caught up to Jones though and he’s been on the run for years now.  He left Lily to deal with the aftermath. She became the pariah of the town; everyone thinking she was involved in his crimes.  They were even forced out of their home, not being able to pay the mortgage. 

Lily is working on her degree while managing the storage facility in town.  At least the job comes with an on-site apartment for her and her son, Everett.  Her friend, Zoey, runs a shelter for women trying to escape abusive relationships.  Lily is hiding one of those women on the property as a favor to Zoey, when Detective Mendelson starts sniffing around.  He thinks she knows where to find Jones.  So, it’s a relief when it’s time to move Amber.  However, it doesn’t get the detective out of her hair.  It helps even less when Jones starts calling wanting to talk to his son.

Meanwhile, Everett has found a pastime of snooping through unlocked storage units.  He finds one that has a board with missing women on it.  The women went missing years ago, but were never found.  And, now the owner’s nephew has been hanging out with his mom!  He must find out what happened to those girls and to protect his mom at all costs.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve read a mystery like this.  I can get bored with too many details at times, but this one gave me just the right amount.  I found the story interesting and I didn’t figure out the ending beforehand, so that’s nice.  Once the climax to the story was set into motion though, I had no doubt who would be riding to the rescue though!

I actually would love to know more about Jones!  He seems like he could be a loveable bad guy!  And, Alex seemed nice, but maybe too nice for my fictional boyfriend preferences!

Overall, I found this to be a decent read, especially considering that I got it free from Amazon as part of their First Reads program for prime members.  It was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of days!