True Blood
Season 6, Episode 4
Episode Title: At Last

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Andy’s daughters read Terry’s mind and know that he’s upset over killing Patrick and call him on it when he tries to make it seem liked he had nothing to do with the disappearance.  Andy sends the girls to bed, and they age once again.  They then raid Arlene’s closet and sneak out, taking Andy’s Sherriff car.

jessica-true-blood-at-lastBill and Jessica were staking out Andy’s house for the girls and when they smell them for confirmation that  they are fae, follow them.  The girls try to buy beer at a gas station.  Jessica goes in, glamours the cashier and then convinces the girls to come home with her to party.  Bill takes blood samples from the girls and takes it to his kidnapped scientist to have the blood synthesized.  He discovers their blood starts disintegrating as soon as it’s out of the body.  Bill goes upstairs to get more blood.

The girls get restless and want to leave.  Jessica tries to stop them, but their smell overwhelms her and she feeds off of them all.  When Bill comes upstairs it’s to find them all bloody on the floor and Jessica begging him to tell her they aren’t dead.  Just then Andy shows up yelling for Bill to come out.

Jason was hurt in the latest confrontation outside Sookie’s house.  When she goes to call for an ambulance, Ben reveals his fangs and feeds Jason his blood.  That’s right he’s a vampire fairy!

Sookie, Jason, and Niall all start to figure out what, or who,  Ben is and decide to deal with it in their own ways.  Jason and Niall go to Ben’s house to kill him.  But Ben out thinks them and takes Niall out.  He glamours Jason to go home and not remember it.  He then feeds off of Niall, but spits out his blood.  He then dumps him into the portal he came out of.  Sookie decides to invite Ben over for a silver laced dinner, which he readily eats.  They then start making out and she creates her powerful ultrasonic light ball and tells him to get off of her.

Sam, Nicole, and Emma make it to safety with Lafayette’s help.  Sam sends Lafayette on his way and Sam takes Emma and Nicole on the run.

sookie-at-last-true-blood-season-6-episode-4_0Eric bullies Tara into telling him where she took Willow.  He goes to her and turns her into a vampire.  He then sends her home to her dad to convince him she is still the same person and to quit is persecution over the vampires.

Sarah Newlin is with the mayor in a romantic capacity, when his daughter comes home.  He starts to give in to Willow, but she can’t resist trying to feed from him.  Sarah shoots her and insists she be sent to camp.

I thought this was a pretty good one.  It was action packed and of course Warlow’s identity is revealed!  This seems like a final episode of the season kind of episode, with the Warlow storyline coming to a head and Sookie putting herself in danger once again.  Not to mention the predictable, but still enjoyable Eric turning the mayor’s daughter storyline.  I’m anxious to see what next week holds for us True Blood Fans!