Reading, watching and talking about supernaturals and werewolves and vampires and fairys always brings pictures to your head. Imaginations in my head, too. And very often mine pictures are kind as one of my favorite artists – pictures by Luis Royo.
If you don’t know him, I’ll tell you a few things about this really gifted wonderful man.

Artist Name: Luis Royo

Date of Birth: 1954

Where From: Olalla, Spain

Short Bio:
Royo studyed technical drawing, but discovered quite fast that geometrical shapes did not satisfy him – that’s why he began to study painting, decoration and interior design at the ‘Industrial School’ and ‘Hardworking Arts School’ in Zaragoza.

Biased by May 1968, he created large format paintings with social themes for expositions in 1972, 1976 and 1977, but when he discovered adult comics, from the artists Enki Bilal and Moebius, he let off his work in design studios and started to dedicate his time entirely to comics.

List of Books:
– Tatoos
– Women
– Malefic
– Secrets
– III Millennium
– Dreams
– Prohibited Book
– Prohibited Book II
– Prohibited Book III
– Prohibited Sketchbook
– Evolution
– Conceptions
– Conceptions II
– Conceptions III
– Visions
– Fantastic Art
– The Labyrinth Tarot
– Subversive Beauty
– Wild Sketches I
– Dark Labyrinth
– Wild Sketches II
– Dome
– Wild Sketches III
– Dead Moon

Here are a few more of Luis Royos paintings

Sword, The Black Elf                                 Wild Sketches I and II Book

Conceptions I – Conceptions II – Conceptions III – Conceptions

Subversive Beauty

Pleasure and beauty as a subversion, even of the power of religions.
Pleasure and pursuite of pleasure, as a human right.

Tattoo and piercing, although actually not representing any subversion, were born with this purpose, as a search for a provocative beauty, a challenge to system, and – in primitive society – an ornament, an emblem or a provocation of other tribes. Horn adorning as a search of the personal and the induvidual.

Speaking about the beauty in this society there always appears a light and plain concept of this theme, while in fact the beauty is provoking, it is the soul of human splendour, no matter if it is looked for with realistic charachter or with a more abstract one. ~ Luis Royo

Prohibited Series

Dark Labyrinth

Bit by bit he entered his own labyrinth and, as he profounded, the darkness appeared on this paintings. He wanted to go back and come out of the infinite underground corridors, like Teseo did, but there was no thread tied at the ankle which would take you to the exit. He succumbed to the glooms, approaching the black dangerously and without fail. The incisive undressing black. ~ Luis Royo

Read more about Royo HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and watching the pics. That I could show you – with this few impressions – why I love Luis Royo and his great work. And why I often see them while reading supernatural books.

Do you know Luis Royo and his work?
What do you think of his work?